Mustafa Kaya: "Macron, Berlin, New Zealand and Islamophobia"

Mustafa Kaya: "Macron, Berlin, New Zealand and Islamophobia"
Date: 25.10.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Macron, Berlin, New Zealand and Islamophobia. Here is the full article.

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When the crisis areas in different parts of the world were examined, the expression "Muslims are on target" was often sufficient to explain our problem. Recently, however, Islamophobia has become such that if we now say directly, “Islam is on target”, we would make a clearer interpretation. The French President Emmanuel Macron's statement "Islam is in crisis" and his statement that "Islam should be structured" was the signal flare that a new phase for Islamophobia has been passed. Upon these statements, Macron's comments on Islam over the French teacher who was brutally murdered, "Look, did you see it, didn't I say?" "Is all this a laboratory product?" brought the question to mind. Now he is taking revenge on this supposed atrocity and projecting insulting cartoons on government buildings. Wherever you look at it, there is only one statement that explains all this; it is also a provocation.
However, as part of an investigation, the unlimited attitude of dozens of German officials and police in Germany-Berlin Mevlana Mosque and the method of financial investigation they applied suddenly came to the fore in an investigation last week. The disregard for the privacy of the mosque-place of worship, and this disrespect for the mosque, which includes hatred and hatred, is still debated. In Germany, where millions of Muslims live, it is not possible to know how such an intervention will be met or to predict what wounds it will open in society. Now the questions are; If such behavior is not mind-blowing, what is it? Or is the current coin in Europe now a trend towards Macronization?
On the other hand, as you know, 51 Muslims lost their lives in the terrorist attack on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15 last year, and Islamophobia was once again on our agenda with such brutality. After that attack, unlike the examples in other Western countries, the country's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's view towards Muslims, the language and process management he used gained a justified attention. Yes, the victims were Muslims, but still, no one expected such a positive approach from him. He gave hopeful answers to the question of “how to become a responsible administrator” all over the world, to condolence to Muslims with his headscarf in the mosque, and to prevent the terrorist's goal of living together from harming his goal of living together.
When the Covid-19 epidemic started to affect countries after this terrorist attack, comments that Prime Minister Ardern lost blood were frequently voiced. In fact, when I expressed that I, as a Muslim, appreciate Prime Minister Ardern's effort, in an environment with New Zealand officials, I was surprised to see that those officials did not actually think like me. After this meeting, I had the impression that this effort of the prime minister was exaggerated in the country. Besides, I had heard comments that he would probably lose in the elections to be held and I left with that perception. Indeed, if this effort of the prime minister did not find a response in the people of New Zealand, I was concerned that the negative effects of this would not be limited to the country and that the supporters of Islamophobia around the world would find courage. But with the election results, all these worries came to nothing. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, leader of the New Zealand Labor Party, won a major victory in the elections held last weekend. So much so that with these results, for the first time in 24 years, a single government will rule the country. However, Prime Minister Ardern's speech after the announcement of the results actually gave clues about the discussions in the election process. It was meaningful and valuable to say that "the world is increasingly polarized," again emphasizing that "the world is becoming a place where the ability to understand another's perspective is increasingly lost" and that "I hope with this choice New Zealanders showed that we are not like this".
As a result, there is Macron's irresponsible and hostile practices on the one hand, Germany's investigation method involving provocation, on the other hand, and Prime Minister Ardern's approach with the meticulousness of money-changers. Unlike people like Macron, this will now needs to surround the whole world in waves. Because the world is getting more and more insecure. The voices of leaders who act with security concerns in the freedom or security debates and often exploit this concern are now heard more. It is as if we live in the era of totalitarian and egocentric leaders who were the cause of the Second World War, without the need for a spark in the First World War. Unfortunately, Islamophobia is also intended to be used as a key at this point. Now, there is a need for politicians who seek reason everywhere and who will implement collective ways and methods with their language, style and approach. Otherwise, this fire dominated by tension, polarization and conflict will sweep the whole world.


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