Mustafa Kaya: "New outbreak, old Turkey"

Mustafa Kaya: "New outbreak, old Turkey"
Date: 17.5.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Covid-19 outbreak and Turkey. Here is the full article.

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The calendars emerge slowyly regarding normalization in Turkey, it began to re-old disease relapse. It is now possible to see this situation through the discussion programs on the screens. The agenda is quickly recovering. The economic and social traumas she experienced with the epidemic were added to the back of the already tired society and the fatigue before the epidemic. Judging by the recent controversy, we see that the extraordinary conditions that have been going on for two months and all these processes are not enough to bring to one's senses. It is obvious that the coup debates are an artificial agenda. However, some of the explanations that exceeded the purpose and that could be misunderstood brought us to the point to play into the hands of those who fed by polarizing the people.
With these discussions, the warriors who wore their swords began to impose their agendas on the coronavirus weary society. The thing that made me think the most was the statements used by the RTÜK President beyond the discussions that were said in the program on this channel. I did not know how to interpret the President's statement, “If our President gives instructions, we will ban the servers from the comments”. I should say that I am very sorry for the future of our country and our nation. This statement really hurt me. I regret that all of our concerns we have expressed so far have been confirmed once again with these statements.
See, the approaches of the government, which reminded of the practices of the single party period and turned into a party state, started to overwhelm people. Power is doing everything in order not to see this truth. In fact, we should point out that the subject of RTÜK should be removed from his post as soon as possible after this statement. Because this statement causes the biggest damage to the AK Party. The head of an important institution that is obliged to ensure that everyone conveys their opinions within the framework of the law, and that the country is opened in the light of democratic practices, is considering shaking the comments. From wherever you look, it is not possible to understand, explain, make sense of this explanation.
However, sometimes I cannot get it without thinking about how power cannot see these things. In fact, everything is so clear that everything is shouting so clearly that I am here. Unfortunately, trying to carry a process that cannot be sustained is more difficult than eliminating mistakes, and the government tries to carry that burden, unfortunately, it prefers to tighten it on its own feet.
Finally, I want to make the following note in history.
Even though people did not vote for religious people yesterday, they would not hesitate to deliver their property, life and family. Voters today are much more than yesterday, but in some "religious people" it is neither a deed nor an adjective to be sure. They took such a guise that they do not recognize any value that is privacy, woman, family, deserved, lawful, or otherwise. They cannot see the film, which we know many examples in history, whose end is lost. They become unrecognizable as they change, and the pain is that it is not clear where this alteration will stop. I was hoped that they might see the coronavirus as an opportunity to put the mistakes made so far on the table, but every day my hope is running out.
As a result, I want to address the ruling authorities.
Please mislead me and those who think like me. Embarrass. Learn lessons from this epidemic.
You know very well that people do not want to go back to Turkey after the outbreak old. You still think that you can still walk on the old agendas. No, it is not. You know the words to be nothing like the old one in the world that applies to Turkey. Nations in a tireless labyrinth next to the old Turkey's distress and so does not want to lose your way.


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