Mustafa Kaya: "Pay attention to Syria!"

Mustafa Kaya: "Pay attention to Syria!"
Date: 17.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Syria. Here is the full article.

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Syria is not on our agenda these days. As with many foreign political issues, the new president Joe Biden is expected in Syria, as if he will take over the post in America on January 20. However, the question of how the US-Turkey relations will take shape with Biden has already begun to be questioned by both countries. The leading crisis topics are clear; S-400, F-35, CAATSA sanctions, Syria, Libya, Eastern Mediterranean. In fact, the Syrian issue is at the center of all these problems. You ask why? 
As you know, the conditions that pushed Turkey to purchase the S-400 were created as a result of the security threats that emerged with the events in Syria. No matter what anyone says, mistakes made in Syria were the worst thing a country could do to itself. Unfortunately, Turkey fell into this trap. Of course, Syria was very important for Turkey before the Arab Spring. The impact of what happened there would directly affect Turkey, and it did. With the civil war, the biggest security problem of Turkey is still Syria today and unfortunately it continues to be so.
In addition, the silence in the region at that time does not indicate that the problems have disappeared. The region, where Donald Trump intervenes through regional actors with whom he cooperates with remote control, seems to continue with being in the same area more effectively alongside Joe Biden and regional actors. Idlib, which holds the lock on Syria, is still on the toes. It is not clear how long the current status quo will continue in Idlib, where more than 3 million people are struggling to survive. On the one hand, there is the goal of Russia and Syria to take full control, on the other hand, there is the United States, which tries to put legitimacy on organizations such as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, which it has described as a terrorist organization until yesterday.
At the same time, it is necessary to note the comfort of Israel in the region. So much so that Israel organized an air bombardment on Deir ez-Zor and Abu Kamal inside Syria last Wednesday. In the statement made, it was claimed that weapon depots and military points were targeted. It was alleged that attacks were made due to the existence of Iran-backed groups. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), which is headquartered in England, a total of 23 people, seven of them Syrian soldiers and 17 militia, died in these attacks. This bombardment is not the first of Israel's attacks, if it goes on like this, it will not be the last.
However, the USA's efforts to open a space for the PYD/YPG in the east of the Euphrates are continuing meticulously. The USA, which pulls these organizations to the east of the Euphrates by pretending that Turkey is taking a step back against the rest of the west of the Euphrates, does not hesitate to realize whatever it wants in this region. America, which finances the PYD/YPG with the oil of the region and sent the Delta oil company to the region as if this was not enough, is now seeking answers to the question of how to legalize the actual situation.
On the other hand, the fate of the Sochi and Astana processes carried out with Russia and Iran becomes uncertain at this point. It does not seem possible to discuss any problems in the region with its front and end alone. Regional crises have become matryoshka. We are in a difficult situation of dealing with a tangle of problems. The exit for France is through different, unexpected diplomatic approaches. This is also very important; Possible cooperation with Israel will deepen the non-solution, not the solution in the region. Focus should be on the difficult. Bridges should be established and talk should be tried with the countries of the region, including Syria and Egypt. Of course, it is obvious that this will not be easy. However, unfortunately, there is no other way out to rebuild the regional peace lost between the conflicts of interests of global powers. If there is someone to convince me at this point, I am always ready to listen. It is absurd to put the proposals -of those who turned Syria into a quagmire- to take Turkey out of this swamp to the test of sincerity. Here I warn you once again; Saving the day in Syria is to darken the future of Turkey. It is necessary to pay more attention to Syria, especially after January 20.


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