Mustafa Kaya: "Prejudice poisons"

Mustafa Kaya: "Prejudice poisons"
Date: 23.8.2020 16:30

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Turkey. Here is the full article.

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As we mentioned in our previous articles, Turkey's main problem is "failure to maintain the minimum commons". In every discussion and every development, showing a direct opposing stance without listening to what the other party is saying is unfortunately presented as a skill. This understanding causes all the energy of the country to be consumed inside. This is the biggest loss. Campification, segregation and marginalization prevent the whole society from searching for the good and the truth. This situation increases vulnerability. It harms the basic qualities of being a nation. It forces people on an unsustainable path. In other words, the society that goes back and forth between extremes and tefrit cannot take a healthy path. In fact, it would be overly optimistic to expect people who do not try to understand gray areas to be able to reach the right conclusion on any discussion topic. From those who have surrendered to such a mental fiction, people who do not try to understand what they say without looking at the identity of the "other" cannot make decisions that are generally accepted and agreed upon.
Why did we feel the need to make this lengthy introduction? Because in Turkey "the land slipping under our feet" continues. The political establishment is getting hurt day by day. The language used by politicians is reflected as hate on the street. The unhappiness of the people who share the same building, street and neighborhood facing each other with a grudge is constantly increasing. Since it is the government that directs the country, they are actually responsible for solving this problem. However, the government does not even believe that such a problem exists. In addition, in this political atmosphere where the impulse to "consolidate the base" is determinant, it seems as if the government acts in an atmosphere that supports this problem.
A known fact is this; The culture of debate is one of the most important prescriptions that show the development level of a society. By looking at this point, you can easily interpret what the society aims at and its future projection. My literature teacher Ferhan Tekin, whom I always gratefully commemorate her labor in high school, said in a lesson, "It hurts me a lot if my husband uses the expression" nonsense "on any subject. Now I said, "How did we, as a society, come to a point where they find and remove all kinds of insults that are not in the literature, do not hesitate to use them?" I can't help but ask.
What does all this show?
We are losing ground every day in our human relations. We have turned into people who see the concept of servant right only as taking money from one's pocket. We need a new outlet. It is imperative that we meet with an understanding of realizing each other again. We have to realize that our differences are not a cause of hostility. Many things that are not perceived as problems now are actually accumulating quietly somewhere. Let's ensure the evacuation of these accumulated evils together before your bride is too late. The prerequisite for surviving in this geography is our loyalty to our minimum commons. Whether you support the power or have an opposing viewpoint, it doesn't matter, we must engrave the truth in our minds. Prejudice is like poison. It takes delivery of the body it enters, sooner or later and damages that body in the first place.


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