Mustafa Kaya: "Presidential System and Libya, Syria, Egypt"

Mustafa Kaya: "Presidential System and Libya, Syria, Egypt"
Date: 19.1.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Syria and Libya conflicts. Here is the full article.

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The dizzying pace in foreign policy continues. As it is known, today the Berlin Conference to be held where Libya will be spoken. The meeting in Russia was fruitless when Haftar left Moscow. It is also not clear what will come out of Berlin. Whether Libya will be like Afghanistan or a kind of Dayton Agreement process will be experienced as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so we will see it. When it comes to Italy, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Greece, Russia, and the US, there is almost nobody interested in Libya. Besides the importance of Turkey's close overtime carried out by the National Reconciliation Government continues to maintain its place.
On the other hand, the Syrian issue turned into an equation with several unknowns. It is not possible to predict what will happen in Idlib from now on. Until now, airborne attacks have turned into ground operations in recent days. The humanitarian crisis is at an extreme. Possible results of Hakan Fidan's meeting with Syrian counterpart Ali Mamlouk in Libya for Moscow are among the most curious topics. In addition, the question of what the PYD/YPG relationship with America will turn into continues to remain a mystery. While Russia has registered its permanence in the Mediterranean via Syria, the question of what is targeting in Libya maintains its position among the questions awaiting answers.
It is very interesting that Turkish Minister Cavusoglu to say 'Egypt's main demand from Turkey to not criticize Sisi. One cannot pass through it because it cannot be as simple as this. Of course, as with all coups, Sisi's coup stood against everyone's will, without exception, and this is cruelty. Well, can Sisi equal the Egyptian people, of course not? Then should a channel be opened with the Egyptian state, at least based on respect for the Egyptian people? Yes, albeit difficult, after what happened to Mursi. Because, as in some cases, in foreign policy, blood is spilled from time to time, but it can be said that I have sipped cranberry sherbet.
So ok so why did I need to express all this? First, these titles are the leading foreign political problems faced by Turkey. In this regard, evaluations were made regarding the Presidential Government System for 2019. According to the statements, 98 percent of the deficiencies of this system stemmed from the wrong practices left from the old system. Yes, the old system had many problems, but I cannot agree with the above. Why? Because there is a point I would like to come up with from the examples of Syria, Egypt, and Libya. The common features of the problems are that they came to the fore in this ruling period, that is, in a single party period. However, foreign policy is one of the most important areas that this government system negatively affects. Because, the discourses made before the President of the Republic do not leave the field of initiative as it should be, unfortunately, for other actors in foreign policy. In fact, this problem could be overcome if the Assembly was strong. In other words, a sensitive and vital area like foreign policy has difficulties in creating its own insurance. This narrows the country's field of action in the field of diplomacy. The country as a whole suffers from this situation. Of course, I am not saying that the gavel should be in the hands of someone else at the beginning of the authority. What I mean is the realization of formulas and instruments that will strengthen the hand of the executive. It is not necessary to say from these statements that our problem is not to open a system discussion, but still. It is important to know whether the system in a country is more accurate than its carrier, and whether it has a stable structure. First of all, it should be checked if it can protect memory and whether it contains corporate intelligence.
Since the performance of this government system is put on the table, then everyone who is rational in the atmosphere, independent of political competition, where internal conflicts are left aside, should discuss this system correctly. First of all, what we have experienced in foreign policy until now says that we should put our heads between our two hands. Especially in foreign policy, some things cannot be compensated. When the word comes out of one's mouth, he/she becomes a prisoner of the words or this is a surreal reality for real foreign policy.


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