Mustafa Kaya: "Road without exit"

Mustafa Kaya: "Road without exit"
Date: 28.6.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Turkey. Here is the full article.

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After the Presidential Government System imposed a 50+1 condition, it was now compulsory to establish coalitions before the elections. Alliances were built according to this account. However, discussions on the electoral system and the Political Parties Law began to increase before a few years later. In fact, the discussions that started in such a short time are nothing but systematic problems.
Not taking into account any warning in the referendum process, this system over the explosion confidence they live, bringing to Turkey, now on be understood that enters the shortage of continuation of power, "How is it that we can extend this period by making some changes?" They started looking for answers to the question.
A clearly known fact here is the subject; states are as strong as institutions that are healthy and properly operated. States that cannot protect their corporate minds are unlikely to overcome their problems. The most important factor that will protect this mind is the principle of "separation of powers". Every system in which balance and supervision are weakened necessarily comes one day. Any assignment where driver's license and merit is not decisive only deepens the dimensions of corruption. Unfortunately, the pressure of the executive has increased significantly in the activities of the legislature and the judiciary. This means that the ball of problems is stored for the future of a country. This situation causes great damage to institutions and therefore to the country.
With this system, it is obvious that the Assembly has not been able to carry out the inspection activities as it should be. The conclusion to be drawn here is that the nation started to lose ground in the Assembly, which is the manifestation of national will. The current system, which is claimed to bring stability in execution, has become more dependent on the 10 percent election threshold today. While this dam is still standing, there is no point in stressing national will. According to recent discussions, it is claimed that various alternatives are being worked out to reduce the dam to 7, 5, 3 or even 0. In between lines, it is seen that this dam is intended to be moved to 20 percent with alternatives such as "narrowed area". In other words, every account is made not to solve the problems of the nation, but to extend the life of the government. Today Turkey's ruling to extend the life of the "election engineering to", but with common sense to find the right solution to society's problems "to be able to speak" needs.
While the language of politics spreads hatred and hatred, society has now started to hate this political language. Society's priorities have changed with the coronavirus. Populism will not pass as much as it used to be. People who strive to comply with the social distance rule have also attempted to understand and recognize the other closely. Accordingly, “identity politics” receives reactions from every segment. Common responses have been started against those who use parsing language, regardless of segment. It is gratifying for the country. However, this indicates that the common sense in the society is alive and alive.
If the alliance parties in power today try to implement a new electoral system without seeing these facts, the nation will definitely spoil this game. Turkey is a priority in this controversial system of government. Although this system will continue, separation of powers, equilibrium, supervision, transparency, driving license, merit and justice dresses must be dressed in this system perfectly. If these are not done, while extraordinary developments are taking place in the world and in our region, the waste of the country's energy on roads that have no outlet will be permanently written to our lost household with its material and moral dimensions.


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