Mustafa Kaya: "The secret that everyone knows/Military-Industrial Complex"

Mustafa Kaya: "The secret that everyone knows/Military-Industrial Complex"
Date: 22.9.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on world developments. Here is the full article.

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In an interview with FOX Television last week, US President Trump said something very interesting and profound. Trump, who has been discussed with every step he has taken since his election, has referred to what Eisenhower, one of the former presidents, described as “Military-Industrial Complex’ in 1961. He stated that this structure is still active and forced him into war, but in fact he does not want to go to war with anyone including Iran. With Trump's remarks, the question why Eisenhower had to use this definition came to mind. It is already known how arms dealers have turned crises into opportunities for themselves. Everyone is aware that Eisenhower's structure is the mechanism that controls the US from bottom to bottom. On the one hand, they think that they are doing what they believe to be en Forcing God to Resurrection, and at the same time they know the opportunity to humidify from this environment they set on fire and do not neglect it. As Verda Özer from Milliyet states, according to Eisenhower, these are a natural consequence of the dirty network of defense industry companies with politicians and the army. In fact, Eisenhower's concern about this structure has reached such an extent that he warned, "If we do not stop this order immediately, they will take over the state completely!" Trump, after confirming Eisenhower, meant that after 9/11, I am the one talking about these 19 years of wars. The people the US fights are still there. Do not fool yourself, there is a military-industrial complex in this country, they want constant war”.
Of course, Trump's statements don't make him innocent. Ever since he took office, Israel has been at the center of the debate, especially with regard to refugees, trade wars and social media decisions. However, it has already passed as a black mark on history with what it did from its decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem to the imposition of the Golan Heights, and from there to the attempt to swallow Palestine, which he called the “Agreement of the Century”. But Trump's statements are not the kind to be passed on.
Who runs the US?
Where does the presidents' authority begin and end?
Where does the American people stand in this game?
Who regulates the intervention by the Pentagon?
In that interview, Trump also talked about the Syrian issue, which concerns us closely, to justify these questions. Regarding this issue, "I say we pull our soldiers from Syria, they are going crazy. There are people in Washington who don't want to get out of here. I'm going to have to leave a few hundred soldiers behind. They would send thousands more soldiers to attract troops, not to them, but it clearly shows what kind of structure prevails in America".
At the end of all this, the question that remains in my mind is; If you talk like that, even the president of the United States, why Turkey puts Trump in its relations with America in the center? So, what promise would Trump stand behind? Wasn't Trump's testimony about 20 miles, or about 32 km, deep in the Safe Zone debate? So why didn't we get Trump's word to the US General Staff? Or are we dealing with a classic good cop-bad cop game?
Meanwhile, one of the Pentagon last statement, "Our main goal is to secure the region to resolve the concerns of Turkey and to provide security of SDG (YPG)," it said. With this statement, does not the US agree that it not recognizing the territorial integrity of Syria and to do by the hands of Turkey, using so-called Safe Zone, what do you think? As a result, the secret that everyone knows is this; The Safe Zone is nothing but a waste of time. Perhaps America's most important goal is to declare its permanence in Syria in this way, regardless of what Trump thinks. The other aim is to protect local allies, strengthen them logistically and change the borders in the region. We have to determine the strategy according to this real situation. interlocutor of redrawing the map of the venture's not because of indirect, direct and Turkey.


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