Mustafa Kaya: "Turkey's national security issues"

Mustafa Kaya: "Turkeys national security issues"
Date: 16.3.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Turkey. Here is the full article.

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The geography we live in often brings the necessity of dealing with problems at the same time. Each of them turns into a national security problem in the process.
To outline the problems we face in this direction, we can say that the most important national security issue of Turkey is social polarization. In societies where segregation and marginalization prevail, the possibility of dealing properly with both internal and external problems disappears. First of all, Turkey politics should abandon the language of grudge and hatred and act responsibly. In addition, the construction of a system in which justice, morality, competence, competence, transparency, balance-monitoring, plan and program, and separation of powers are centered should be implemented immediately. In addition, the balance of freedom and security must be ensured, and different perspectives should not be approached in a totally objectionable way.
Another problem is what is happening in Syria, which has left 10 years behind in the civil war. Turkey's longest land border is with Syria, and the irreversible disappearance of every instability and territorial integrity that takes place there means that Turkey is directly under threat. What Turkey should do and prevent redrawing of maps in the region. In the context of the Greater Middle East Project, the goal of "Afghanistanizing Syria" continues to be on the table. Every step taken in this geography, where there is no regional stability and peace since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, is an indication that the danger is approaching our country. It is clearly seen that the small states that emerged after the dissolution of Yugoslavia are coming under the control of global powers day by day. For example, the decision of Kosovo to move the embassy residence to Jerusalem was probably not taken entirely on its own initiative. Similarly, every event that will occur in the Middle East will serve the purposes of the sovereign states. The environment of terror, violence and instability that has been consciously waged for decades from the First Gulf War to the Syrian civil war is probably not without reason. Turkey, which should be the strongest actor in the region, is wasting its energy in vicious discussions in domestic politics. In fact, everybody is aware that artificial agendas have been created in order not to interfere with the dizzying developments that are next to the unrest inside. But for some reason, the fire is being fueled.
On the other hand, we have to face a reality that does not matter whether it is called the Southeast Issue, the Terror Issue or the Kurdish Issue. Each glance actually confirms that there is a problem. The main starting point for solving such an important issue should be to solve the problem with internal dynamics. Problems that are open to foreign intervention turn into cards that can be used against us by the global powers. It is clearly seen that there has been an increase in the indications related to this in recent years and it is used as a threat.
Besides Syria, another external problem is the developments on Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey's only starting point in combating this problem should be to embark on a diplomatic attack and rebuild bridges with the countries of the region without taking refuge in meaningless consolation such as "precious loneliness". Even within the framework of diplomacy rules, cooperation should be made with the countries of the region and their administrations in economic, social, cultural and military fields and efforts should be made to establish regional alliances. As you know, foreign policy is an area where emotional behavior and reactions should be minimized. Before the relations reach the point of rupture, the grounds of agreement should be established with a benevolent mind.
In addition, epidemic conditions have shown to everyone how vital food safety is. Based on this fact, Turkey should consider agriculture issue as a matter of national security as soon as possible. The development that threatens agriculture the most is internal migration. Turkey has to keep the population distribution across the country balanced and produce formulas that will feed people where they were born. The necessary share of national income should be given to agriculture, the obstacles in front of those who want to produce in agriculture should be removed, and incentives to increase production should be spread to the base, in other words to the whole Anatolia, with a correct plan. Also, squeezing one-fifth of the population into Istanbul is a huge risk and the migration pressure on Istanbul should be stopped systematically.
Another national security problem of Turkey is the brain drain due to unemployment of young university graduates. Brain drain is the most important and biggest resource transfer of a country to abroad. Political, social and cultural environments that will connect young people to this country and where they can look to their future with confidence should be built, and the system infrastructure in the country should be arranged accordingly.
Finally, the decline in the growth rate of the Turkish population should also be evaluated as a national security issue. The population growth rate, which was 13.9 per thousand in 2019, decreased to 5.5 per thousand in 2020. The increasing age of marriage and the inevitable rise in divorce rates have already started to threaten the population. In addition, necessary investigations are not carried out on the reasons for the cesarean delivery rates to rise up to 53 percent. This issue remains an important threat to population growth and the development of healthy generations.
New additions can be made to all these titles listed above, but it can be said that there is a general alliance and a more or less general acceptance of these titles. It is also necessary to examine each title in more detail. Turkey must manage to tackle these problems with the right decisions on the right ground. More precisely, it has to succeed.


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