Mustafa Kaya: "USA's Temporary Security Document and featured topics "

Mustafa Kaya: "USAs Temporary Security Document and featured topics "
Date: 14.3.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on the US' policies in our region. Here is the full article.

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In the United States, the foreign policy approaches of President Joe Biden's era continue to be flesh-out. In this direction, "Temporary National Security Certificate" was announced on 3 March. Similar and diverging aspects with former president Donald Trump have also been highlighted in this document. Accordingly, it would not be wrong if it is said that Trump's negative attitude towards actually keeping troops will continue, albeit limited, in the Biden period. As stated in this document, to say that "America's fate depends on events beyond the coasts" actually shows that the USA is determined to intervene outside in one way or another. According to this document, the country that ranks first in the threat perception of the Biden administration is China, and the second is Russia. As you know, comments that Biden would not look at China like Trump were at the forefront after the trade wars with China under Trump. However, with this document, it can be said that the current administration will take steps against China, even if the tone seems different.
In addition, America sees the greatest threat to its own destiny in the Indo-Pacific and Europe and shows that it is in a direct orientation to have troops there. With this strategy, it is considering surrounding China and Russia.
On the other hand, the US approach to the current Middle East is somewhat reminiscent of the Trump era. The statement should be read correctly as mentioned in the document; "We do not believe that the solution to the problems of the region is to use military force, and we will not give a blank check to our partners who follow policies contrary to American interests and values in the Middle East." Trump was also complaining about the trillions of dollars spent, and Biden likewise evaluates the cost that the Middle East burdens on the United States. Biden wants to solve the problems through alliances and control the region with alliances.
In addition, the fact that the USA established a military base in Alexandroupolis, right next to us, could not be analyzed very accurately in Turkey. However, Alexandroupolis means moving to Incirlik in a way. With this base, America controls Turkey, follows the developments in the Black Sea, and aims to monitor China's "Belt One Road" project. It should not be forgotten that Greece's Piraeus Port was purchased by the Chinese within the framework of this project and the goals of the USA. Looking at the map, it becomes clear that Alexandroupolis has been designed with a strategic foresight.
However, the US, as always, focuses on Israel's security. With the invasion of Iraq, it aims to prevent Iran, which has expanded its scope of action, in Iraq and Syria. The USA probably thinks that the regional cooperation required for Israel's security can be built more easily through the positive atmosphere created by the Pope's visit to Iraq.
Also, Foreign Minister AntonyBlinken said, “We do not continue where we left off. The statement “We look at the world with new eyes” also needs explanation. Blinken said they would not encourage the overthrow of authoritarian regimes with costly military interventions to "bring democracy" to other countries. This statement was also a confession that the military conflicts and coups that took place in various countries so far were carried out by the USA.
In his statement, Blinken specifically emphasized "diplomacy", but of course, this emphasis is not innocent. It is said that military interventions will not be possible, but we can say that yesterday, the Biden administration aims to provide the benefit that Trump wants to gain from Twitter diplomacy.
As a result, America actually wants to say "I am the gendarme of this world". It places itself at the center of global and regional developments and aims to build a world around itself. From the perspective of Turkey, the anti-Turkey letters sent by 54 senators in the 100-seat Senate to Biden, and more than 170 members of the 435-seat House of Representatives to Blinken in the United States and the statements urging their counterparts to take action on the course of US-Turkey relations gives a lot of information. If Turkey will try to eliminate the road map of the USA, the first step it will take in this direction should be to fix its relations with the countries of the region and to resolve the problems. Thus, it can push the US to calculate the cost. On the other hand, every US president who comes to office announces such "temporary security documents", but their "temporality" does not trivialize the statements expressed in the context. The most important advantage of Turkey in its relations with both the USA and other global powers is the soft power formed by the bridges of love with the peoples of the region. If this soft power is used correctly, crises can be better managed. Problems must be sought with this vision and solutions must be found in this direction.


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