Mustafa Kaya: "What for they are preparing Greece?"

Mustafa Kaya: "What for they are preparing Greece?"
Date: 24.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Greece. Here is the full article.

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Greece began to use more advanced discourses than ever before in the Aegean and Mediterranean. In fact, the reason for this is clearly understood from the sentence of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, "We managed to turn our disputes with Turkey into a conflict between Turkey and the European Union." Finally, Athens adopted the bill in the assembly that envisions increasing the territorial waters in the Ionian Sea to 12 miles. This step does not directly concern Turkey, but in these days of exploratory talks, this decision also gives the message to Turkey. Claiming that even the Meis Island, which is 580 km away and only 2 km away from Turkey, has the right to a continental shelf like the mainland, Greece is making calculations of shooting a few birds with one stone with this step taken in the Ionian Sea.
On the other hand, Greece increased its defense budget 5 times in 2021 compared to last year. In other words, the budget allocated to defense expenditures was determined as approximately 5.5 billion USD. It showed the tension in Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean as the justification for this. In addition, Greece continues to receive all kinds of support from Turkey, which is its biggest supporter in the EU, in the problems with Turkey. The process has been initiated to purchase 18 Rafale aircraft. So what is Athens trying to do? The answer is actually very clear; Greece wants to act as the sole owner of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, with the extreme self-confidence of both itself and Southern Cyprus's membership to the EU as the Republic of Cyprus. It is so reckless that, as we have stated at the beginning, it thinks that EU protection is everything. While all these are happening, what makes me feel sad is that the grounds that constitute the infrastructure of these approaches of Greece are the result of the wrong steps taken by Turkey in the process. The trap set by the 2004 Annan Plan seems to have reached its goal today. Neither the United States of America nor the EU have kept any of their promises to Turkey and drowned Southern Cyprus with awards. They all entered the race to reward together.
However, Greece has systematically prepared the days by making Exclusive Economic Zone agreements with Lebanon, Egypt and Israel through Southern Cyprus. Especially the Exclusive Economic Zone agreement with Egypt, with the border it determined over the islands of Rhodes and Crete, emerged as an attempt to capture the Mediterranean almost completely. It is against the nature of things to say that all these things came about by Greece's own will. It would not even be right to evaluate who will gain the upper hand from any comparison, be it military, political, economic or social, between Turkey and Greece. However, Greece should know this clearly, it is not so difficult to blow the winds of peace in the Mediterranean and Aegean. The only thing to do is not to exceed the limits in the demands. Trying to get close to whatever is reasonable. To give consent to the rightful. Not being selfish. Trying to speak the subject on the right ground. Because approaching the subject from these angles would benefit everyone.
Ultimately, Turkey, the country with the longest border in the Mediterranean, can be called "you take your nose out", but this discourse has to be paid. Taking steps to support conflict, relying on the shadow of the forces behind, will not have any counterpart in reality.
The right thing for Greece is not to act on the minds of others. While we have a lot in common to protect even baklava, it is absurd, and it does not help anyone to prepare the ground for the replay of war drums in this geography. Prime Minister Mitsotakis sees turning his disputes into Turkey and the EU's problems as an important achievement, but should not forget the fate of those who tried to account for this country a century ago. Greece is being trapped. Regardless, it is hopeful that there are those who see this reality in Athens. You see, those who put forward Greece have their own troubles, then we are alone again. Greece must be on the lookout for booby traps laid on itself and in the region.


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