Mustafa Kaya: "What is the US plan for Syria?"

Mustafa Kaya: "What is the US plan for Syria?"
Date: 18.9.2018 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on US plans over Middle East. Here is the full article.

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The new constitutional debate in Syria gained momentum. The Tehran Summit also referred to the constitution and used the statements that the process should begin. We have seen Cansu Çamlıbel's report which is published on Saturday on US's view of the Syrian constitution. The US has referred to this text as a non-binding document. America has presented the offer to Mistura, the UN's Special Envoy for Syria. Then he made this deliberate public opinion by making it seem like he had infiltrated out of his knowledge.
In fact, the proposal does not consist of content that the public is foreign. These substances until now in the region of the flesh of the flesh of the state can be said.
So, what are the details of the proposal, let's look at them now.
As it can be understood from the text, the US does not exclude the regional administrations, they look at the transition formulas of Assad and they want to have representatives from the ’Northeast Syria in the constitutional commission to be formed. In other words, the PYD/YPG representatives, which operate under the name of SDF, should also be on the board. The reason why the region which is under the control of SDG is Northeast Syria and what it means by the regional administration is shown in the article below. ”The authority to administer should be explicitly handed over, responsibility should be distributed to cover some regional.“
The US, on the other hand, said in the constitution that the division of Syria should be registered, merkezi The powers of the President should be reorganized so as to ensure a wider separation of powers and guarantee the independence of other central and regional government institutions. Would you like to think again about the expression ini independence of regional government institutions “? We have already mentioned the US goal of making Syria Afghanistan. Well, what would you say if America was trying to compare Syria to another country with this constitution model? Is it partly Lebanon? After a while, with a model that will clarify the distinction between ethnic identities and sects, they will make the ambiguity evident and spread the work over time and try to achieve the division on the appropriate ground.
Where do we get them? See what they said later;
The government should be led by a prime minister with strengthened powers. There should be a clear distinction between the powers of the president and the prime minister. The prime minister and the government should be appointed in a non-binding manner.
As the US exposes its plans in Syria, something is happening in Iraq. Ibadi, Iraqi Prime Minister arrived in Turkey in mid-August with Turkey's borders they agree security 'and explained that' everything they support Turkey' he said. Ibadi also garnered the Iraqi Council of Ministers has decided to ignore after placing troops along its border with Turkey. Justification is the opposite of what Ibad said that the visit of Turkey. Iraqi government; "Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey to document violations of Iraqi airspace for the United Nations, and will work to bring the agenda of the National Security Council," he said.
I don't know why but I recently woke up to the day with the Turkish folk song "Oh doctor! Pull your hand, pull your hand from my chest!"


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