Mustafa Kaya: "Where does the USA see Turkey?

Mustafa Kaya: "Where does the USA see Turkey?
Date: 31.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on the USA and Turkey. Here is the full article.

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Clues began to emerge about the policies of Joe Biden, who took the oath as the President of the United States on January 20. Former President Donald Trump's foreign policy in areas where the US previously held de facto power, with local allies rather than the American military, is rapidly evolving into a "direct intervention" dimension with Biden. The first two signs of this gave tips in Syria and Libya. The US-Central Forces Command CENTCOM's congratulatory messages to conceal, cover up or show the YPG/PYD relationship aside shows that the weather will get warmer in Syria. At the same time, the recent resumption of mobility in Idlib and the efforts of Russia and Syria to take over the entire M-4 and M-5 highway should be simultaneously evaluated. In other words, the USA is trying to show that it is permanent in Syria, that it will prioritize the interests of America - Israel, regardless of the result that will come under the name of solution.
On the other hand, there are important developments in Libya. United Nations (UN) Secretary General Antonio Guterres called on foreign powers in Libya to leave the country. Immediately after this statement, the US Ambassador to the UN, Richard Mills, also mentioned Guterres' general statements by privatizing Turkey, Russia and the UAE. In other words, with this statement, the USA called on NATO member Turkey to withdraw from Libya. 
However, with the ceasefire agreement, it can be said that foreign powers should withdraw. However, the US attitude here contains messages beyond this agreement. It is worth noting that it makes a joint call to Turkey, which is located side by side with Russia. Moreover, the activities of France in Libya are currently limited to the training of the Libyan army. Also, Turkey is in Libya at the invitation of the Government of National Accord.
In addition, the new US Secretary of State, Antony J. Blinken, said that "Turkey is not acting as an ally, it is making a big and fatal mistake in buying S-400s from Russia". However, even if someone came to Blinken, "If the purchase of the S-400 is such a big mistake and it does not fit into the alliance, where it is written in the alliance of your arming terrorist organizations in Syria," he probably will not get any answer.
In addition, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who considers Turkey as mercenaries of Russia in Libya, made a phone call with European Commission President UrsulaVon der Leyen. During the meeting, they decided to re-discuss the relations between the EU and the USA, to fix the problems, and to review the trade and investment areas. However, they talked about something else, which is actually a statement that clarifies the US view of Turkey. It is the phrase "agreement to work together in areas of mutual interest, including China and Turkey." On the one hand, they have designed France, which they call with Russia in Libya, to separate them by positioning them next to China on the other, and to easily throw them into the opposing camp for possible political and military decisions. Of course, I am not going to shame on the point America sees Turkey from here. I am not saying these to say "We are not there, we are here or there". The US view of Turkey must be understood correctly. Because if the determination is not made correctly, it will not be possible to find the solution.
As a result, the USA is doing a cornering operation against Turkey. Turkey must find an exit from here. It is useful to express once again the truth we have always said. Turkey should be able to talk to anyone, but not be unilaterally dependent on anyone. The USA is the infrastructure of things. Although the government does not reveal to the public that every problem that it claims to be struggling with today is the result of its own mistakes, it should definitely make self-criticism and realize it even within itself. He should make self-criticism, because his meaningless, populist and baseless reactions to warnings made yesterday should not be against the suggestions expressed today. I would like to take this opportunity to remind the power once again; every work done, every word spoken, conscience is written in bold letters.


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