Mustafa Kaya: "Who pull the trigger in Idlib?"

Mustafa Kaya: "Who pull the trigger in Idlib?"
Date: 14.9.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on ongoing development in Syria. Here is the full article.

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While Turkey is discussing developments in Afghanistan, important developments are taking place in Syria. Finally, with the martyrdom of 3 of our soldiers in Idlib, there has been an increase in evaluations about Syria once again. We have tried to express several times before that the United States of America (USA) will be interested in Syria rather than Afghanistan from now on and that Turkey should pay attention to this. We stated that the USA, which had to leave Afghanistan as a result of the 20-year occupation, did not give up on the Greater Middle East Project, on the contrary, it focused on this project in a more systematic way. Now, with the latest attack, a direct message is wanted to be given to Turkey. An interesting point is that an organization whose leader of the attack is unknown, which is claimed to be close to DAESH and which is said to have been behind more than 20 attacks, large and small, has been claimed so far. In particular, we are faced with a bitter reality in which Syria is wanted to be made a big Afghanistan and Idlib is a small Afghanistan. Over the years, we have seen through many examples that the USA's Syria policy is a sustainable and at the same time controllable chaos. The USA, which has taken the PYD/YPG under protection in the east of the Euphrates by pretending to take a step back in the discussions on the west or the east of the Euphrates, is now making plans for permanent chaos in Idlib. Idlib continues to be one of the most important dimensions of the immigration issue, which Turkey has been discussing in Afghanistan in recent days. The struggle for survival of more than 3 million people in Idlib is stuck in the middle of the interests of global powers. Whoever wins or loses is open to interpretation, but there is no doubt that Turkey will be the country that has real trouble in a possible arm wrestling in Idlib. The movement of millions of people to the Turkish border includes threats and dangers in every aspect, and Turkey no longer has the means and possibility to remove this situation.
On the other hand, I do not know if Turkey's partial silence in both Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean has anything to do with the ongoing negotiations with the United States, following the NATO Summit held on June 14. However, the last 3 martyrs may be the harbinger of new attacks. Turkey is the primary target of the unstable structure of the Syrian lands, which has turned into a geography where terrorist organizations run rampant. Behind the European countries' more cautious approach to the Syrian issue compared to the United States is the idea of ​​saving themselves from the effects of the possible immigrant problem. Russia, on the other hand, is making calculations of being even more permanent in the Mediterranean as a result of the opportunities presented to it on a golden platter, as it could not have imagined until now.
As a result, Turkey needs to pay special attention to Idlib. It is useful to discuss all kinds of results in himself. Someone pressed the button in Idlib, and this is a harbinger of a different phase in Syria. Turkey should be well aware that the Syrian issue is not a give-and-take issue, but a vital issue. Otherwise, tomorrow may be too late.


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