Mustafa Kaya: "Why shouldn't we say war?"

Mustafa Kaya: "Why shouldnt we say war?"
Date: 23.2.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on Syria conflict. Here is the full article.

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The conditions reached in Syria continue to be complicated day by day. Where the developments over Idlib will evolve is at the center of the discussions. President Erdogan's statement for Idlib, "I can say a war," raised the question of whether we are entering a difficult period to understand and describe. I really don't know if we're heading for a war or if President Erdogan used it to show his determination. However, it is important to note that before using the expression of "war" in this geography under every condition, one should think a thousand times. 
In an interview with the 11th President of the Republic of Abdullah Gül, in the Karar newspaper, "Very heavy pressures from the West and the USA, such radical approaches have reached such a point that it is as if the power is put behind these policies. Then, when it turns out that there will be no power behind these approaches, of course, a fire line has been opened." In my opinion, it is the point that should be emphasized the most. It is necessary to know that if a "war" to be entered in Syria, which has turned into the center of proxy wars today, is expressed with the expectation that different supports will come, it will not be possible today as it did not happen yesterday. It is important to preserve coolness to the fullest in order to notice "traps" in a geography where everybody is in different alliances at every moment, according to the instant developments, in a region where it is not clear who is in the pocket of the hand. So in recent months, this or that reason Sochi Consensus Turkey's problem after the opening of the debate, the US and Britain, France, during the period that mean for Syria of not engage in order to solve the German President Abdullah Gül's useful to think once more through the review . Turkey may cut its core subject itself. When it comes to the final point, as we stated in the previous article, of course, this nation does its part in this state. But when the terrain is more complicated than ever and it is obvious that this war will not be among the regular armies, it is the most correct way to take predictable steps. Besides, due to the extraordinary circumstances in Idlib rapprochement with the United States or the PYD / YPG's also the reason that currently Turkey's field of vision out or removed is in need of review. After the Pentagon requested 200 million dollars for the PYD / YPG from Congress for 2021, it was also thoroughly considered on the reasons why it appeared that it did not keep track of the $ 715 million weapon it provided to PYD / YPG in Syria under the name of combating ISIS. It should be considered.
As a result, as he explains in his hands, rubbing the Pentagon is in fact Syria and Turkey, have come to the brink of war with Russia case. In another scenario also planned in the near future they want to bring Turkey against Iran. Everyone knows this. It goes without saying that these will be disasters. The question of who benefits these disaster scenarios should raise our minds. Let's not forget that in foreign policy, he searches for the center of the hand by calling the folk song. Also, "if you have a nail, scratch your head". In addition, Our Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), "do not wish to meet the enemy. When you meet, you have shown patience and perseverance," He said. In other words, when using the word of war, we have to make tiny distinctions. Because the war is armed diplomacy and it is the last stage, that has heavy price for all. The focus should be on solving problems without entering roads that are difficult to turn, such as war. All developments since the First Gulf War in 1991 clearly showed them.


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