Mustafa Kaya: "Will you still keep saying Trump is good and his environment is bad?"

Mustafa Kaya: "Will you still keep saying Trump is good and his environment is bad?"
Date: 6.9.2020 15:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on the US. Here is the full article.

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The expectations of ruling party circles for re-election of Republican's presidential candidate Donald Trump are no longer a secret. Democrat's candidate Joe Biden's statements about Turkey's opposition earlier this year made this expectation clear. But what Trump yesterday facing flattering expression of power, nor does it mean in terms of Turkey-US relations, Biden's remarks about the opposition. The real question is; Why are we in this situation as a country today? Why do we think that the results of the American elections will have a tremendous impact? Many Republicans came, Democrats left. This election will pass. Regardless of who wins, America will continue on its path by centering its own interests. Look, I am not saying that people, individual applications, personal views are not important. However, if we reduce the elections of a country to the point of "existence, poverty" or lighten them a little, how does it suit us to have high expectations from the results of this election? Can you tell us how much it fits with diplomatic conventions and the historical acquis of a country like ours?
In addition, when we say the Eastern Mediterranean, Aegean, Cyprus, Libya, Syria, the Middle East, the Black Sea, the Balkans, how did we have to face these problems, each of which has come to the fore from time to time, at the same time, in the same tone today? In my opinion, this is the real question that needs to be answered. Let me tell you something; The statement "seven dowels in front of us" prevents us from seeing the facts here. We'll be buried in the sand. You know, Trump, with whom we have established very close friendships, he continues to look into our eyes with the decisions that no American President has dared to take so far. JaredKushner, who is married to his daughter IvankaTrump, is also his consultant, and with whom our minister poses in the oval office, tries to register their close relationship, also conducts almost lightning-fast diplomacy for Israel under the guidance of his father-in-law.
He who brought the US embassy to Jerusalem, the so-called "Deal of the Century".
He is the architect of the "normalization agreement" between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.
He is the one who spends his days in the air and does not sleep in his bed to present whatever Israel wants in the region on a gold platter.
Finally, the move to Serbia's embassy in Jerusalem, Turkey's great hopes that Kosovo recognition of Israel and connect it again will form the basis of the disclosure of the embassy in Jerusalem. While Kushner is doing these, our close friend minister is busy explaining the existence of gas in the Black Sea as a "change of axis". I would never underestimate the availability of gas reserves, but if economic power does not bring you political power, the axis is not changing. Country administration policy is a whole with its economy. It requires strategic foresight. The real success is to be able to intervene in the problem before it occurs. If you cannot do these things, the axis you claim has changed will not provide you with political power.
On the other hand, America, trying to implement what was considered impossible for Israel, has now lifted the arms embargo on Southern Cyprus, which it has been implementing for 33 years. And they did not neglect to make fun of it. What are these weapons "there would be no deadly weapons." That is to say, they are referring to weapons with peace sticks in their barrels, of the kind they gave to the same PYD/YPG.
Look, now the blade is resting on the bone. Let's gather our minds as soon as possible. God forbid, the end of this road will not lead to a good place for this country. What yesterday he said Turkey was a concern of the American president, what Trump nor Biden have such a concern. It should not mean “let's throw bridges with everyone” from here. However, we must be vigilant against the approach disregards the law of a country like Turkey. Time is not the time to conquer the souls.
Finally, I would like to sincerely address those who rely on Trump from here. I'm asking because I'm really curious for God's sake. I find it difficult to understand, to make sense. After all this, will you still keep saying "Trump is actually good but his environment is bad", even though you have seen Trump's siege to us? If so, can you explain the reasons for this? As a citizen, isn't it my right to ask for the answer to this question?


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