Mustafa Kaya: Society, politics and 'organic intellectuals'

Mustafa Kaya: Society, politics and organic intellectuals
Date: 5.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on society and politics. Here is the full article.

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Alienation is probably one of the most debated concepts in social sciences. It is like ignoring the environment in which a person was born and growing up and gaining his personality, and denied the culture he knew very well for some reasons, as if a person who ate a sweet fruit a short time ago denies it even though it still has an effect on his body. As a result of social metamorphosis at the social level, new attitudes and behaviors started to replace the old with cultural differentiation. This caused the ancient traditions and values ​​to lose their position as a result of the collective understanding.
However, it is more common for the intellectuals, who are small in number but at a high level in terms of influence, to become alienated from the environment in which they grew up. The effort to reveal its existence independently of them by ignoring the soil, air, sun or water of a flower that has come to life in a flowerpot is not something that can be accepted mentally and spiritually.
As it is known, the Westernization process in our country started intensively in the 18th century. Turkey on the right and said the left notion that the West compared misinterpreted, perhaps the first person Idris Küçükömer Westernization and alienation of the Order (1969) have brought quite sound at the time when his book was published and the Westernization process has pointed out that alienated the rulers actually in the country. Turkey Although there is no colonial period, the colonial societies in the world, but perhaps in a way that might occur, they live as an exception, some intellectuals alienated from society, but has emerged in our country. While there is a process in the West that begins with the alienation of the work of the working class, the voices of an intellectual mass fighting with the values ​​of its own society have been heard more in our country.
The Italian philosopher Antonio Gramsci emphasized that the need for organic intellectuals that protect and observe the interests of the people themselves is more important than the intellectual segment that helps to produce obedience, domination and consent in society through politics (1948). In fact, the expectation from these intellectuals is that instead of subjecting the society to a forced transformation with the scientific data, the people can bring together the language and practices of their own culture with science and voice their feelings and thoughts that they cannot express in this way. While the traditional intellectuals who think that they can move forward by clashing with society, preserve the interests of the class they were born and raised in, organic intellectuals can mediate the reasonable and just demands of the general public. But in our country, the alienation of the intellectuals, who imitate the West with the psychology of defeat, from the values ​​of the people has created a deep gap between the rulers and the ruled.
As Küçükömer stated, "Eastist-Islamist political movement emerged as a reaction against the Western-secular movement". Living conditions imposed on society and containing value conflict have turned into self-orientalism in minds. The reckless disregard of this bureaucrat, which can be classified as Western-progressive-secular, has dragged our country into internal tension for years. On the other hand, the group that we can call “organic intellectuals” could not reach the desired number, level, success and influence. Some of the grown-ups could not go beyond the discourses that were often stuck with slogans. At this point, politics came into play and the expectations of the people were tried to be answered through politics. However, if an intellectual community that develops an attitude to represent the land it grows up in every field could be formed, the public could be more influential in the political sphere. However, it is time for the country, which has lost a lot of time due to the division and polarization of society as a Easterner or a Westerner, to stop this trend, and it is even passing. For those who are alienated from their people and cannot meet their needs and expectations, success is now just a dream.
As a result, in the process of social development and change, the duty of political parties is to include the views of organic intellectuals as much as possible while determining their policy and revealing their future projections. Political parties should give up the behaviors that can be understood as one-on-one with a view of the public, with a superior and despotic attitude, for their own sake. Treating and valuing people as "human beings" instead of presenting the services, discourses and party programs as a blessing will be the key to the politics of the upcoming period. Just as there is a need for "organic intellectuals" for social development, after this hour, the organic one in politics will come first in the preference of the people.


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