Mustafa Kurdaş: "However, the family was our last castle"

Mustafa Kurdaş: "However, the family was our last castle"
Date: 29.11.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete editor-in-chief Mustafa Kurdaş writes about family structure in Turkey. Here is the full article.

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Europeans once regarded the family as a castle that even kings could not enter. Kings would go everywhere with their armies, touch everything, but couldn't touch their families. The only refuge of Western societies living in the darkness of the Middle Ages was the family.
The castle was entered, the notion of family and morality were destroyed in the West. So much so that when we make sense of ourselves, in the destruction of the Western family, the Islamic world prides itself on the strong ties of our family; While values ​​were deserted among the family ruins in the West, we were hiding ourselves in lush oasis, untouchable. Our family was so strong; we did not know the family as a fortress to be protected, but as a self in the construction of nations and civilizations. Because, throughout the history, societies where the family is strong have survived and moreover, it has been a determining factor in the course of humanity. History flows not in the shoulder of individuals but in the direction of societies formed by a strong family structure.
In the west, the family castle fell. All Western societies and states are now at the disposal of the "supreme mind". For a long time, a projected and systematic study of the Islamic family structure has been carried out. Our family seeks to seize our family through free individuals, free women and sensitive issues and gender equality studies conducted in dozens of branches. The most destructive psychological warfare techniques that are being carried out on nations and states are applied to the family. Numerous bombs are thrown into the homes of each of us with series, movies, role models of the magazine world, cartoon characters, internet formats, prostitution, fashion, crooked and perverted ideas. The bombs are quiet, but very high power. Silent but chemical-weapon bombs. Who took us from us, stole us from our family. Bombs that kill us without killing us, laying us down without laying our bodies down. Bombs that will put us in the service of the higher mind with all our cells.
Let's deepen our subject gradually...
In the name of modernity, an entity was created exploited in all respects. While the contemporary female model was developed, motherhood was taken away from the woman. By replacing motherhood with "career" ladders, the woman was deprived of her irreplaceable role. In a society, if you turn the mother, the source of compassion, into the worker of capitalism, that society will eventually become a society of compassionate, cruel people. The removal of the mother, that is, compassion from our social and social fabric through a global surgery, will transform both the world and the countries into a conflict area that kills, destroys, pitiful and ignores.
During the Second World War, the places that men on the front left empty in the factories had to be filled. Capitalism discovered women. Nurseries were opened, women were put into the factory. The woman's got the right to work? The women's work in the factory was not for freedom, but for the replacement of men who died in war. In fact, women have always worked throughout history. What is new is that women work for salaries in the factory and in the office, not work. What is new is that women are made workers. All aphorisms on women who have been enslaved to industry and then to consumption.
Let's face it, a culture of conflict has been created, which is now in the guise of the pursuit of rights over women. Today, both in our country and in many societies, the assumption that there is a struggle and a tough conflict between men and women without discriminating between good and bad is presented as a proven thesis without any truth and basis. When a man is mentioned, the father no longer comes to mind; The creature that perpetrates "violence against women", "persecutes the woman", ignores the unscrupulous, cruel, painful creature that needs to be tamed comes to mind. The woman is weak, unprotected, violent in the face of a brutal, brutal man, and has to be protected by law against the man. The role of women is the victory of demolishing the male dominant/patriarchal society and declaring its independence.
No! Neither man is a creature that needs to be tamed, nor the woman is helpless. Both men and women are human. Neither is the oppressed of the other, nor is the cruel of the other. A man is a father. She's a mother! Those who pinch women on gender identity have actually taken away the degree of women's rights. As a matter of fact, the rights of women, who were detached from the right of servants and human rights, adorned with false freedoms, opened only the doors that would lead to the exploitation of women.
I will not make the mistake of those who ignore the family and make comments on the directions and projects developed only on women. It's not about the woman, it's the family! I'll cover the whole, not the part, as usual. Whoever speaks of a woman without a family, who speaks of a fatherless mother and fatherless of a mother, then he will have dug a hole in the family.
Defending the family is a shame in this age...
There is such an insidious and systematic play with our family perceptions; we find it difficult to see, understand and comprehend what is happening before our eyes. Perceptions do not pass, we can not object to all of our agenda as dogmas are working. We are made to think that every perception sentence written as if it is unquestionably true, as if it is an unquestionable truth. Those who try to appeal to the lies of the husband of the enemy, pro-violence, maganda, reactionary, bigot he is attacked, stigmatized. The fear of lynching also absorbs politicians, civilian life and media writers.
In this age of defending the family, does want courage. Defending the family is the biggest shame. Defending the family is portrayed as attacking a woman. It is embroidered as the most reactionary attitude of today's world to academic theses, newspaper corners, screen shots. If you say family, you're a bad person who restricts the woman's freedom!
Family; it is intended for us to be accepted as an insecure and vulnerable institution for women and children. Don't you think that the broad spectrum of studies conducted on violence against women and child abuse, the news produced and kept warm are not condemning the declaration of the family as an insecure institution? Can you imagine what the society that watches this news will become over time? It is as if every house is subjected to violence against women and we have no idea.
Have you ever thought about why, while marriages are decreasing all over the world and in our country, divorces show a crazy upward trend!? Abnormal decrease in marriage rates and abnormal increase in divorce are not only the statistics we will be surprised. These are the codes of a world war against the family. This anomaly in marriage and divorce rates. The codes of the war that capitalism fought against wherever there was a family on earth's surface.
What's wrong with capitalism? Divorce means; It means 2 houses, 2 rentals, 2 refrigerators, 2 cars, 2 dues, 2 WiFis, 2 bills, 2 tableware. Divorce means consuming more, giving more, spending more. Family means economics, savings, accumulation and fertility. Don't be surprised at all; yes, the biggest rival of capitalism is the family. Capitalism is an atmosphere of peace and love within the family, which makes the established world order so aggressive towards the family and so vindictive.
Protecting the family is the liberation struggle of the age.
Every attack on the family institution is a total attack on men, women and children. Although the family is tried to be portrayed as an insecure area, the truth is that; family is our last item, our only shelter against capitalism is the most important country of our national and spiritual values. Our last item is to break the doors of our family with the Istanbul Convention and make it ready for the occupation.
Those who disregard the family, who lie to protect the woman and help destroy the family are our words:
If you destroy the family; you destroy the woman, the man and the child!
If you destroy the family, you will destroy tomorrow.
If you destroy the family, you will also destroy the feeling of being native and national.
If you cannot protect the family, you also cannot protect the nation and the homeland.
If you glorify the woman, glorify the family, not the imposition of the West. Strong family means strong woman!
Let us gather up our topic to evaluate the Istanbul Convention in another editorial.
We know that if a nation is to be divided, the family goes first. Because family is the essence of society; everything that is destroying it means destroying society. Today, there are great crises in which humanity is dragged. Civil wars, occupations, migrations, economic crises. Education crisis and corruption. They all seem insurmountable. But the biggest crisis is the family crisis. People no longer know how to raise their children, who do not know. Parents don't know what it means to be a parent. The family crisis is the biggest crisis of our country and the crisis that should be solved first. The thing that will protect and save the country, the nation goes through the protection of the family. When the family collapses, the nation and the state collapse. We want to be resurrected; certain branches will hold: Family will hold. When the family is resurrected, societies, nations and finally humanity will be resurrected.


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