Mustafa Kurdaş: "O Martyr, longing for justice!"

Mustafa Kurdaş: "O Martyr, longing for justice!"
Date: 18.6.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete editor-in-chief Mustafa Kurdaş writes on Egypt's first elected President Mohammed Morsi. Here is the full article.

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They say “Egyptian dungeons”...
Behind the rusty, thick iron bars, between the four walls; that silent, that sunless, that cold, that lightless, that dark cell maybe in a land called Egypt.
The dungeon was your address, and your courtroom was the land of the Nile.
But no! I cannot hit the oppression that deemed proper for you back of the Nile by saying “Egyptian dungeons”.
No! I cannot justify the brutality of the global world by saying “Egyptian dungeons”…
I cannot save the nations neither as individual nor as 'United' whom have intimidated the oppression and the coups by saying “Egyptian dungeons”...
I cannot set a course for the insensitivity for the Ummah who cannot take sides for the unity, cannot get up under the dead soil, by saying Pharaoh, saying Sisi…
I cannot neither deceive myself nor calm my conscience by saying “Egyptian dungeons”…
 I can not walk around holding my head high by saying “Egyptian dungeons”…
The coup was cruel, Sisi was cruel… but silence and helplessness were not innocent.
In the dungeons of the world, in the dungeons of humanity,
You spent the night without the moon and the stars ...
You drowned in the noise of the songs of justice, democracy, freedom, peace,
the lullaby came to us cries of persecution. As we listened, our sleep deepened…
O Mohammed Morsi!
O blooming flower! O Martyr, longing for justice!
It was the hypocrisy of the West.
We have “BUT”s to write in capital letters.
What shall I tell bloody oppressor? The walls that surround you were the silence of the Ummah…
They call it “the first elected President of Egypt”…
Yes, you are the President of Egypt!
Yes, you're the first elected President!
Your election may be crowned by martyrdom, but not by court order.
Such a blessed position; You are MARTYR MOHAMMED MORSI…
Let the oppressors wear the crown of the kingdom to you, the crown of martyrs suits you.
They say, "He died in courtrooms."
No cell, no courtroom, no judge, no cruel can captivate a martyr.
Martyrs don't die! ...
Contemporary humanity could not give freedom;
God has granted for him; Your freedom of martyrdom may be blessed.


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