Mustafa Kurdas: "We are unable to distinguish between right and wrong"

Mustafa Kurdas: "We are unable to distinguish between right and wrong"
Date: 8.11.2018 12:00

The editor-in-chief of the Milli Gazete Mustafa Kurdaş delivered a speech on perception management to university students.

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Üsküdar University organized a conference on "Media and Perception Management."
Mustafa Kurdaş, the editor-in-chief of the Milli Gazete, participated in the program as a speaker and gave a speech on perception management to university students. 
"If a human being can think, then can build a 'Fair Order', Kurdaş said.
In his speech at the conference, Kurdaş said that the media was an effective weapon on societies. Media organizations are under the control of perception managers rather than journalists. The media have been used as an effective weapon on the societies since they are dominated by the salaried manipulators of the rulers, not by professional journalists. The power of the media comes again. Again, it has a destructive force on the societies from the atomic bomb, even from nuclear weapons. The lies, which are constantly being repeated, are replacing the truth.
Expressing that humanity lives under mediocre captivity, Kurdaş said, “People who remain under the polluted news bus are reduced from right to wrong. Newspapers and televisions are playing the mind and thinking skills of people with their publications. People can't use their free will. Human, perception management techniques and the power of the repetition of the decisions of the media, decisions taken by the free will see its decisions. Yet today man uses the will of the manipulators, not his free will. Mustafa Kurdaş, who invited the university students to think, said, “The media never poses questions to societies."
"Whoever starts to ask 'why' that means that person is starting to think.", Kurdaş said.
"Think; it is the key to independence and in the hands of college young people." he added.


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