Mustafa Kurdaş: "We will continue to be Milli Gazete"

Mustafa Kurdaş: "We will continue to be Milli Gazete"
Date: 12.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete Editor-in-Chief Mustafa Kurdaş writes on 49th anniversary of establishment of Milli Gazete. Here is the full article.

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Those of us who made great efforts to our Milli Gazete have always known January 12 as a holiday. Day after day we begin to experience our “eve” after December turns its days to January. We embark on a hopeful, exciting and beautiful wait. We wait for the morning of the day of "joy" as if waiting for the sun to rise. We wake up on a festive day every 12 January. We woke up to the 49th holiday morning today.
We have 48 years left behind. With our 17 thousand 340th copy, we started to step up and breathe a new year today. We are 49 years old.
Although it is easy to write and say the numbers, it has not been known for many years to live the time the numbers express. Think about it; 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, 2020s… Even counting ten to ten requires effort, right!?. And every year, every month, every day of this blessed struggle that says "Truth has arrived, falsehood perished"… Fill every copy, every headline, every page, every column, every line with difficulties, troubles… And of course, remember our years with joy and good news, our copies. Coups, processes, dark nights... Difficult bends, hard times... Embargoes, pressures, obstacles... Not one year, not five years, not twenty years... Great struggles for half a century... 49 years easy to speak... Yes, it is easy to write 49 years and say; it's hard to live and tell. Do not get it wrong; It's not a complaint, it's our intention to be understood. There are difficulties, but there is dignity and honor in this blessed 49 years...
Milli Gazete was a shield against many poisonous arrows. It made many traps clear, many games broke... It made it to step back from many mistakes. It endured many difficulties for us. Many hopes aroused; It brought many good news and joy to all of us. It saw for us, heard for us. It came to us "with truth" against lies. It became an engine for good, and a brake for badness.

Struggle with the lies that we think are real because they are shown too much

We know that contemplation is better than valor... Let's approach the years with contemplation, not with bright and gilded sentences...
We live in a time period where memories and dreams are mortgaged. We are the people of the age where the facts are erased and new facts suitable for interests are produced. This is an age in which we have difficulty in distinguishing between truth and falsehood, right and wrong. The lies that we think are true because they are shown so much, direct both our daily life and foreign policy, economy and politics. Countries are occupied, millions are slaughtered, economic colonialism is rooted with many lies. People confuse facts with what they think there are. We hold on to poisonous lies for truth. Media societies that are being dragged into the abyss think that they are running for salvation with the lies presented as "truth". We are too blind to see the abyss, too deaf to hear the facts. But we are not aware.


My intention is not to shadow such a beautiful day with black clouds. Unlike! My intention is to mobilize attention for realization. You know that the truth is not destroyed. It is not possible to destroy or kill the right and the truth. The truth lives whether you know it, whether you see it or you don't call. Truth is not lost; it is necessary to search for it, see it and find it and, of course, grab it and remove it. Facts are not helpless in the face of lies; it is necessary to silence the lie and awaken the truth. Your right and uplift is like the rising of the sun. As the sun rises, darkness disappears and the day rises to the world. Our keeping and removing the truth is the disappearance of lies and falsehood. Because no "perception", no "lie", no "manipulation" can survive in the face of the sun of truth. It is a divine judgment: When the truth comes, superstition is doomed to perish.
Remember; truth does not escape from what comes to it. It does not hide from the seeker. If the truth is like a treasure; It is valuable when it is found, held and accepted as truth. That value gives us value, too.

Man is killed by a lie, but resurrected in truth

A little more contemplation please!
Ours is the journey of truth...
Truth is not easy to come by; We know that this road is tough, this search requires sacrifice. But to seek, pursue, set off depends only on a good "intention". A solid departure, a sincere intention, a sincere journey finally brings people together with the truth.
Man dies by a lie, but is resurrected in truth. For the nations to stand up, it is necessary to bring the nations together with the truth.
See; it is not living with colors and light. The act of seeing starts with "eye" and ends with "perception". Seeing is not the eye; memory, appeal, imagination, imagination, contemplation, submission, and foresight. Real blindness means not being able to distinguish between truth and falsehood, right and wrong, right and west that are in front of you.
Lie is the poison ivy of man and society. He surrenders himself as he wears it an honest word, true and true knowledge is like a shield.
It's not saying what people want to hear. Being able to say that sometimes people don't even want to hear is a journey to the truth. If you do not separate from truth, truth will not separate from you.

Milli Gazete not the one full of straw in the news, but a lively one

You are aware, right; I tried to explain Milli Gazete, about us from another perspective. I told you about it.
Our Erbakan Hodja, you know, was saying, "We do not want the bird that is full of straw, but we do want the living one." Milli Gazete also carries "the living thing of the news, not the one full of straw". What is full of straw in the news becomes the narcosis of a society; but the lively news makes that society stand up.
As Imam Ghazali says in Ihya-u Ulumi'd-Din: "The person next to the fire gets warmer, not the one who gets the news." Milli Gazete not only carries the news to be heard, but also the necessities of the news, its feelings and spirit. We want you to sit next to the fire and get warmer, to drink the water and quench your thirst. If we have given news from A New World, we would like to establish a New World that receives this news.
Things should tire us out, not people! Millî Gazete does not come out to deal with people. Not just to talk about events. And we're not even dating just to let you know. Milli Gazete goes out to say “we have a job”.


I know that for our readers, Milli Gazete is like bread, like water, like heat and light. How many newspapers are there in the world whose path is observed, held with love, read with love? For most of us, Milli Gazete is among those who need to live. A sip of water, a breath of air, a beautiful gaze, a nice greeting… It carries hope because: Every day brings a New World to us. We welcome our newspaper to our house with the good news that "Truth has come, falsehood has vanished".
A newspaper that is not separated from children... A newspaper that is looked after as the light of the households... A newspaper known as the blessing of the shops... A newspaper that is bequeathed to children... The compass of the road, the direction of the heart... How many such newspapers are there in the world?


We know that; The road to be applaused and to get the 'well-done' is the route of enthusiasm. Our prayer is that; our route, our orbit, is Allah's approval.
We praise Allah who awakened us today on the 49th morning.
In all conditions and all grounds; We would like to thank you, our esteemed readers, for your warm interest and support in this journey of truth, whether in existence or absence, possibility or impossibility, sunny weather or stormy days.
A newspaper's thank you is to go to its reader with correct information and real agenda:
You know, lying in silence is the lie of every age. We will not oblige you to those who lie in silence today as it was yesterday.
We will continue to be a rare flower that speaks the truth in the infamous journalism approach that deceives the public by showing only a part of the truth.
After that too, we will not overwhelm you with daily vicious arguments.
After that too, we will come to you with direction and fairness.
After that too, we will continue to seek the truth with you and to keep the truth up.
After that too, we will observe the rights of the servants and we will stay away from slander.
After that, we will say "Morality and Spirituality First".
After that too, we will be the "newspaper of the ummah"...
After that too, we will continue to come to you, with the motto of our Erbakan Hodja, with the trusts he left us.
We will enlighten our homes and minds with our National Vision forever.
We will carry the banner of 'TRUTH HAS ARRIVED, FALSEHOOD PERISHED' forever with honor and dignity.
We are the Milli Gazete, and after that too we will be Milli Gazete.
Today is not just the holiday of our employees and laborers. Today is a holiday for our readers who grew up with Milli Gazete and heard and saw with Milli Gazete. May our feast be blessed. May Allah (c.c) give us the opportunity to live and see our 50th year.
Hoping to meet you in our 50th year establishment, greetings to you, our valuable readers, who appreciate their newspaper...


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