National defense should remain 'national'

National defense should remain national
Date: 18.1.2019 15:00

Employees to act against the privatizations on January 19… The workers' request from the state authorities: "National defense should remain 'national'.

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There will be a rally to react to the privatization decision taken for Adapazarı's Tank Pallet tomorrow. Expressing that their struggle should not be linked to any other topic, the President of the Harb-İş Union, Bayram Bozal, "The struggle we gave here is that the Ministry of National Defense should keep the workplaces on the name; our struggle is not to be taken elsewhere." he said.
The Harb-İş Union, affiliated to the Turk-Is Confederation, organized a press conference to make evaluations regarding the privatization process of the Tank Pallet Factory at the 1st Main Maintenance Center Command. Mr. Bayram Bozal, Chairman of the Harb-İş, stated that the right of the workers of the Tank Pallet was protected by the law, but that they wanted the factory to be produced by its own workers. Our request, the Altay tank here, should be produced here. There is knowledge here, work done, why it is not produced here. The main thing to get support from outside but get 1. Main Care. You can get all kinds of support from the outside, we have no opposition here." he said.
Bozal continued his speech by saying that they are expecting an intensive participation in the rally to be held in Adapazarı on 19 January. 
"Some of our friends have said that 50 workers are wearing a bolt. Our 40 workers were working at the last Olive Branch Operation. We will carry our members from Ankara, Tekirdag, Izmir, Balikesir, Istanbul. We have 19 thousand members, hopefully, we will bring our 19 thousand members here. We want to; The people of Sakarya should oppose the process. We want to make the Altay tank here as workers of the Ministry of National Defense. Our struggle is our struggle on the name of the Ministry of National Defense, so that it will remain in place." he added.
President Bozal states that there have been serious grievances after privatization in many state-owned workplaces. 2 months ago 46 workers who have completed the exam in the Main Maintenance Department have won the exam. Ministry of National Defense officials are sending messages to friends. If you want to work in our work places outside the Marmara, you want to work paper is sent. You know, this place would grow up? We want to make this tank.
1. Tank Pallet Factory in Main Maintenance Center Command has been transferred to BMC for 25 years. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who made a statement recently about the transfer, stated that BMC was a strong company which has taken the Tank Pallet Company for 25 years and said, 40-50 million dollars investment will be made to the Tank Pallet Factory. The work done here is not privatization either.


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