NATO shield for YPG/PKK

NATO shield for YPG/PKK
Date: 22.2.2021 16:00

While the US President Biden distributed trust to his partners at the Munich Security Conference with the emphasis on NATO Alliance, he also threatened the countries with which Ankara has recently cooperated.

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It is said that the US, which is the protector of the YPG/PKK in Syria, can use NATO as a shield against Turkey's intervention against the YPG/PKK, under the pretext of fighting ISIS or with a different deception. The use of NATO, which does not go beyond being the lever of the USA, to such a purpose, may be the last straw.


Turkey has often asked NATO to intervene in the civil war in Syria, and after the latest attack in Idlib, it called NATO to Syria by executing Article 5.
Although NATO's coming to Syria seems to be fulfilling Ankara's request, Syria will be divided into three, from the lightest, with the NATO troops landing in the region. The PKK/YPG region is just like the "36. It will gain the status of “parallel” like safe zone. In this way, close to 4 million refugees in Turkey will be prevented from returning to their countries.


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg informed after the meeting of NATO defense ministers after Biden's statements and stated that they would increase the number of NATO soldiers who were present to fight against ISIS in Iraq from 500 to 4 thousand. This decision cannot be taken at the will of a country other than the USA. The detail in Stoltenberg's statement is that he said that NATO's military training will include settlements outside of Baghdad.
US President Joe Biden's speech at the Munich Security Conference raised questions. Stating that the USA is back, Biden declined to give information about the details of this return. Biden, who put Russia and China, with which Turkey has recently strengthened its bilateral relations, on the target board, confused their assessment of NATO's activities. Emphasizing the "NATO Alliance", Biden put Russia and China against this alliance. The Biden administration, which put an embargo on Turkey, which is a member of the NATO Alliance, and did not deliver the planes it paid for, also showed who the interests of this alliance served.


The Washington administration, which sees Turkey as a slave rather than a partner of NATO and thinks that it will be a part of this alliance at all costs, is increasingly increasing the threats of Turkey in a great despair. If Turkey is a component of this alliance, no one can explain why it was subjected to heavy bills. The US administration, which openly supports the YPG/PKK administration, which ranks first in Ankara's threat ranking, continues to stockpile weapons in places under YPG/PKK control. The whole world knows how the Washington administration, which established a new army for itself through the YPG/PKK in the Middle East, shielded the terrorist elements.


It is understood that the USA will want to be active again in our region through NATO. It repeats its message to the EU as well. No wonder Washington, which is a party to the YPG/PKK instead of Turkey, the alliance's partner at every opportunity, puts NATO at the service of the YPG. Will the USA create a shield of protection for the YPG by deploying NATO troops in the region under the pretext of fighting ISIS? What will happen to Turkey's reaction to this in such a situation remains unknown.


Trump's saying that relations with Europe will be tighter and warmer is nothing more than seeking support and partners. Biden said that cooperation with Europe in Afghanistan and against ISIS will continue to increase. The cluster where all these intersected was NATO. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who attended the summit, said that they would increase their military presence in Iraq with a statement made after the NATO Defense Ministers meeting. Stoltenberg announced in his statement that they will increase the number of NATO soldiers in Iraq from 500 to 4 thousand in order to prevent the return of IS. This decision cannot be taken at the will of a country other than the USA. The detail in Stoltenberg's statement is that he said that NATO's military training will include settlements outside of Baghdad.


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