Natural gas bill on Turkey's agenda

Natural gas bill on Turkeys agenda
Date: 19.1.2020 12:00

The bill of natural gas hikes made in summer is now burning the pocket of the citizens.

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Although Canal Istanbul looks like the number one agenda of Turkey, the summer hikes in energy bills began to arrive yesterday and showed itself an actual agenda. Although we had the hottest winter of the last 39 years, the natural gas bills, which were quite high, became the first agenda on social media yesterday. The pensioner and employee, who received a raise of 5 and 6 percent, faced a fire when faced with a natural gas bill exceeding 50 percent.


Turkey's agenda, did not give any opportunity to the citizens of the agenda of the talks. While many items such as taxes, fees, and penalties were raised on a hike, now the citizen who saw an exorbitant hike in the natural gas bill received his breath on social media.
With the last hikes, 400 lira natural gas bill will be 200 lira and 615.2 lira. However, with all these increases, TURKSTAT has set inflation at 12 percent.
The 15.04 percent hike made with minimum wage with inflation of 12 percent was almost in the shadow of the hikes on the back of the citizen. The hike received by the minimum wage melted before he even got in his pocket. 
The ruling party, seeking a way out of the economic crisis in daily policies, continues to bend the back of the citizen. Citizen social media accounts said, "If we do not die of hunger, we die from cold, if we do not die from cold, we will die from hunger."


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