Necdet Gökçınar: The will of the voters is under pressure

Necdet Gökçınar: The will of the voters is under pressure
Date: 14.6.2019 13:00

Gökçınar said that even though it is known by all the public that we exist in Istanbul elections, the dual system is imposed and the pressure on voter will continues to be created.

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Felicity (Saadet) Party Istanbul Metropolitan Mayoral Candidate Necdet Gokcinar, made statements to Milli Gazete over June 23 Istanbul elections. 
AKP Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayoral Candidate Yıldırım and CHP Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayoral Candidate Ekrem Imamoglu whom will debate in a television program, Gökçınar said that they tried to spread the dual system of politics.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayoral Candidate Necdet Gökçınar said, "It is a clear indication that only the CHP candidate İmamoğlu and the ruling party candidate Yıldırım were invited to the open session on June 16 and their acceptance. On June 7, I called on both of the two candidates mentioned on social media to take a stand on democracy and justice by not participating in this program where all candidates were not invited. What am i telling. Both of them accepted the invitation to the program and the agenda, the place of the program, who was engaged in discussions with the moderator and tried to forget the main issue,".
Felicity Party Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality mayoral candidate Necdet Gokcinar, "As it is known, March 31 elections were canceled with an unlawful decision. Before the 31st of March, we insisted that 2 parties and 2 candidates were blown and we were ignored by the Felicity Party and even from the Presidential floor we were told that Saadet was not a candidate. At this point, despite the fact that it is known to all the public that we exist, the pressure on the will of the voters continues to be imposed by imposing a dual system,".
Gökçınar addressed Istanbul residents and said, "Now I am calling out to my fellow Istanbul citizens; The events take place right in front of you. I am referring to your deep understanding and understanding of what these two candidates and their CHP and AKP mentality understand from the nation's will and their sincerity in this regard. My precious brothers, you don't have to choose one of two wrongs. Come together on June 23 to establish the right and fair order to meet in Saadet," he added.


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