Necdet Gökçınar: Voting is a serious business

Necdet Gökçınar: Voting is a serious business
Date: 17.6.2019 13:00

Necdet Gokcinar, met with citizens in a picnic program of Felicity (Saadet) Party's Bahcelievler District Council Meeting and Sinop Dikmen Associations Federation (DIKDEF).

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Felicity (Saadet) Party Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayoral Candidate Necdet Gokcinar, continues to work without slowing down. 
Necdet Gökçınar attended the Felicity Party Bahçelievler District Council meeting, and the next day Sinop Dikmen Associations Federation (DIKDEF) Kagithane Fatih Forest participated in a picnic program. 
Wherever he went, Necdet Gökçınar, the Istanbul candidate of the National Vision, was greeted with great interest and greeted Istanbul residents. Gökçınar said that the polarization environment created in society was replaced by unity and solidarity.
Speaking at the Felicity Party Bahçelievler District Council Meeting, Felicity Party Istanbul Metropolitan Mayoral Candidate Necdet Gökçınar, "If you knew how disrespectful this AKP society is. Someone called 'Necdet brother to withdraw from the candidacy for the unity of believers,' he said. 
"Aren't you the one who hit us in the back while we were in power and left us for his American brothers? You don't know the Felicity Party? As Erbakan said, if we were two people, one of us would be a candidate and the other would vote for him. We were attacked in Sancaktepe. They were tearing us apart. But now we are brothers from the Felicity Party. They polarized society, this stiffness is falling apart. Allah returned the hearts in a month and our people warmed to us. 500 thousand voters who broke your heart and do not go to the polls are waiting for June 23 to come to the Felicity Party."
Continuing his speech about the upcoming Istanbul elections, Gökçınar said, "May our Istanbul elections bring good to all humanity. There is blood and tears all over the Islamic countries. Muslims from Istanbul to eliminate the distress suffered. We won't make a simple choice. Voting is a serious business. A candidate's length, charisma or other aspects of the vote is not. The vote we cast in the ballot box means to the island 'I am your partner for 5 years'. Giving approval. We need to know that we are partners in all the good and bad things that the person we vote for. So I ask you to make a careful choice."


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