Necmettin Çalışkan: "Istanbul Convention and agenda"

Necmettin Çalışkan: "Istanbul Convention and agenda"
Date: 15.5.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Dr. Necmettin Çalışkan writes on Istanbul Convention. Here is the full article.

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The Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence Against and Combating Them, which was opened to sign in Istanbul by international participants on 11 May 2011, which is known as the Istanbul Convention in public, is the subject of sensitivity.
These days, opinions and opinions about different aspects of the contract have been published, and attention has been drawn to the magnitude of the danger.
First of all, it is useful to state a point. Islamic civilization aims to create a solid social structure. It never approves violence against women. It determines that women and men are equal in terms of obligation, servitude and being human as complementary to each other in creation. It takes every precautionary measure against it, and opposes any kind of negativity that will disturb its trust and endanger it.
After this introduction, we would like to focus on other aspects of the event with a few articles apart from those that have been brought up to date.
First of all, do we move towards somewhere we do not know without realizing this Istanbul Convention? And with this discussion, the question of whether we are turning the ball in midfield should be asked.
Latter; With controversy, oil should not be applied to the bread of deviant groups, and their purposes should not be served. They may already want this contract to be legitimized by bringing it up and discussing in this way. Our commitment to this issue in this way serves their goals / strategies even if we have expressed the truth. Keeping the concepts such as LGBTI and homosexuality on the agenda always comes to the work of perverted groups, and also for those who want to deflect the agenda.
Third; It should be known that the addressee of the problem is power. The only authority to correct this issue is the Presidency and the Parliament. The problem can be solved by the Decree Law or by law. However, as far as it is seen, the addressee of the subject does not enter the ball in any way yet, he uses the problem to mask the real agenda by referring to certain masses.
Fourth; A polarization environment is created in the country through the contract. An answer to the question of who or who feeds from such an environment should be sought.
Fifth; there are global powers behind this contract. These can only be tackled with state power / hand. The main strategy of these groups is to be spoken in favor or against. It is to stay on the agenda. Therefore, it should develop a policy considering this issue. Besides, to put all the negativities into just one law, to make the whole agenda unique to this, to put only one topic at the center of the agenda will not solve any problem.
This law is in fact a reflection of Turkey's general policy. As long as the primary goal of the European Union was seen, such an end was inevitable.
In summary; Continuous discussion of some perverse issues that do not match our values ​​among the people causes many troublesome concepts and concepts to enter every home, and our children's minds are contaminated and shaped by a crooked agenda at a young age. The fact that the agendas created by others travel from language to language reveals a picture in line with the desire of the focalist propaganda and offers the opportunity to convey their voices and words to even the remotest corners. Speaking so much about these issues is beneficial for two groups: perverted groups and those who want to earn rent on this subject.


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