Necmettin Çalışkan: "New betrayal in the Palestinian cause"

Necmettin Çalışkan: "New betrayal in the Palestinian cause"
Date: 17.9.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Dr. Necmettin Çalışkan writes on Palestinian cause. Here is the full article.

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A normalization process has now been initiated between Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain. During these meetings, where very sincere and friendly poses were given, Trump's Jewish son-in-law even presented the Torah to the King of Bahrain.
Under Trump's mediation, agreements for "normalizing relations" were signed at the ceremony attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayid Al Nahyan and Bahrain Foreign Minister Abdullatif bin Rashid ez-Zeyani. In addition, these three countries jointly signed the text called the "Ibrahim Agreement".
Will peace come with these signatures? Of course no. The Palestinian cause has suffered greatly. Unfortunately, there was no voice from our country (its administrators), whose Palestinian guardianship was cut inside, and which looks like a fierce defender.
Aside from what purpose it was made and its content will be understood over time; All the lawlessness that Israel has committed so far has begun to be legitimized.
US President Trump's statement "We are at the dawn of the New Middle East" is also a clear signal of dark relations.
The Palestinian wing naturally described the deal as "betrayal", which we agree with. We are expected to forget and accept that all kinds of unjust invasions, massacres, moreover, people have been denied in prisons with a thousand kinds of unlawfulness and that many senior Palestinians were assassinated as state terror.
Although we know that many events are "war crimes" and should be punished according to the universal law, it is not expected to be a spectator to this "sale agreement".
Previously, Jerusalem was declared the capital city by Israel with the support of the USA. Israel's expansionist policy is increasing day by day and Muslims are being pitted against each other. They also keep people busy with artificial agendas.
Unfortunately, it is unfortunately evident with great pain that the process experienced in our region in recent years and especially that started with the Arab Spring is essentially an attempt to destroy the Palestinian cause.
Israel is not at all comfortable despite all its might, its use of violence, and even the Arab and novice collaborators, despite those who shout and always collaborate with it.
Indeed, the first reason for the pain in Syria, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen is the presence of Israel.
We have to admit that the point reached now; It will deal a serious blow to the Palestinian resistance. Although there are statements from the Palestinian front that the resistance will continue, they are also caught in a serious corner due to the collaborating traitors.
Despite all this, we firmly believe that Israel will disappear one day and the occupation will end sooner or later.
However, we should know very well that in the Palestinian cause, victory is not a military blow to Israel.
The road to victory is in the global struggle on this issue; To establish unity by opening a front free from the spiral of sect and race, to develop justice, science, sharing and conscience.
For this, it is extremely important to come together for this purpose. Based on this, it is necessary to open new ways with consultation and cooperation. Of course, although Palestine is at the root of the problems, the problems are not just that. The main slogan should be:
"Until the hunger in Africa is full, until Palestine is liberated, until the earth is free, continue the struggle!"


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