Necmettin Çalışkan: "Old Turkey in new period and social media justice"

Necmettin Çalışkan: "Old Turkey in new period and social media justice"
Date: 3.9.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Dr. Necmettin Çalışkan writes on Turkey. Here is the full article.

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The phrase "we have entered a new era", which has been frequently voiced recently, and which we are familiar with especially by state officials, has become a cliché and such discourses never end.
This new era is sometimes used in the sense of external forces, sometimes as a critical process, and finally in terms of technology and natural resources exploration.
However, it seems that what some ministers understand from the new period is slightly different from what the President of the Republic said/understand.
For example, the harshness of the interior minister, who is responsible for establishing peace and security in the country, shows his new era.
There may be people who make mistakes in every profession, in every group of people, regarding the ominous incident recently reflected in the press, which injured the public conscience. Hatay Deputy Barış Atay made a reference to the Minister of Interior, implying that the accusation of rape of an active-duty soldier was covered.
Instead of answering this reference with the language of law in accordance with the fidelity of his duty and in a manner worthy of a statesman, the Minister welcomed this reference in an accusing and targeting manner.
The Minister was expected to say, "If a person is accused of such a claim, no matter what profession he or she has, they will be asked to account." However, he attacked on Barış Atay's statements and physical appearance, hinting that Atay's image resembled a rapist.
Unfortunately, some of the partisan characters who took charge of such statements, battered and injured the said deputy and punished them on their own.
We do not know what to say to this event, how to evaluate it. On social media, we understand very well what is the new era that the country has entered, with its neighborhood bully attitude and - with the allegation of needy of spa.
In any situation of strife that the society will experience, the authorities are only expected to provide peace and tranquility. As a matter of fact, maturity is expected from those who hold a position. However, we witness that those who need to prevent violence become the source of violence themselves.
It should not be forgotten that any approach of people at the top of the country that will cause indignation in society is problematic. His words are considered documents, bind not only himself but also the public authority, and concern the whole public.
In this respect, the statements of a minister and the statements he shared on his official account are in the nature of a criminal complaint. If what is said about a deputy is true, prosecutors need to act. If there is a contrary situation, if there is a false statement, it is also a crime.
Another aspect of the work is social media as a channel that gnaws time, is a monster of empty information, excludes and separates people; Unfortunately, justice became the mechanism sought.
I wonder if the incident had not fallen on social media in this regard, would the ministry or related institutions be involved?
Is it another aspect of the new era to be a “country seeking law with social media justice”? Whenever an event that causes an outrage occurs, does it affect the decision makers when people make criticisms on social media? What justice will we talk about then?
Notwithstanding any effect, regardless of who the person concerned is from or what duty he/she is in; If there is a mistake or a crime, the relevant authorities should step in immediately, be tried, and the justice should be found and the public conscience should be relieved.
When the relevant authorities do not show the necessary reactions, the people naturally start to implement their own criminal and justice system, where the rule of law is shelved. In the chaos of partisanship and marginalization, it is an important problem to handle every event in this way on social media.
In summary, everyone should do their job and be aware of the weight of their position! Otherwise, the new era if we continue to live the miserable old from Turkey to seek justice and social media.
What shall we say! Everyone should do their duty and be aware of the weight of their position!


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