Necmettin Çalışkan: "Queues again after 40 years!"

Necmettin Çalışkan: "Queues again after 40 years!"
Date: 15.2.2019 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Dr. Necmettin Çalışkan writes on Turkey latest economic situation. Here is the full article.

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With the regulated sale practice of the ruling party, we see that we enter a period, which is similar with the queue and report, and the sale of food and basic needs of the period of CHP, to which the ruling party based its entire politics. Attributing this carelessness that is felt into to inside forces, and not to foreign forces is also a political success (!)
The government creates such a perception as if they manage very well, but “the opposition spoils everything”. The pool media has also a strong effect here. You said, “Nobody can do anything if you keep the job intact”, what happened? 
I think, the interesting side about this matter is perhaps, due to fear and desperation, in street interviews, citizens in queues are complaining in person about the bread, gas cylinders and oil queues in the past. It’s all because of opportunists they say. As if they aren’t satisfied of these queues (!) This will go down in the political history of this country as irony. 
In the past, there were bread, oil, gas cylinder and medication queues. Now there are potato, onion and vegetable queues. It puts on air with products that are subsidized. As every politician has done before, we are facing with the “save us father!” syndrome again. Citizens are children and the governor is the working parent which tries to feed his/her child. What said our ancestors? “Actions speak louder than words!”
Agitated expressions are used against society, emotional exploitations are made. Tomato and pepper is compared with the bullet of Robin. This shows that they are both economically bottomed down and are desperate.
In this process, the traitor list is also swelling. When the opposition parties, some journalists, potato and onion sellers, citizens who criticize the government were on this list until now, this time the wholesale market artisans and retailers are declared as “traitors”, and the employees working there are the ringleaders/collaborators, I guess!
They sold the factories by saying that the government doesn’t operate factories, but they started to operate greengrocers. Dear managers who evolved from producer to merchant, they had been promoted from combatant to contractor before!
From where to where…
Why didn’t you switch to production economy but imported everything? There's no one asking why you didn't support the farmer.
There is being interfere to prices, but there isn’t been waiving from the taxes taken from public. The government, which makes no compromises about electricity, natural gas, water, fuel oil, and taxes, wants self-sacrifice when artisans and public are in question. It’s always expected from the society to tighten their belt. The offense is always been sought in others.
Moreover, with the news “these opportunist artisans…” the government becomes as pure as the driven snow.
And the citizens in the queues are in the, “let our man torment us if we should being tormented” psychology. 
The words of an artisan reflected in social media put the hidden side of the matter forward. “If they provide the same facilities to me, I sell it cheaper than regulated sales. There where the regulated sales is done, there isn’t any shop rent, there isn’t any employee wage. Tax isn’t paid, toll isn’t paid, bag prices isn’t paid.” Think of a government which’s ability to show others guilty is hit peak and they are always being fed from this. They leave people who want bring three to five cents to home under suspicion.
Finally; does the selling of vegetables with regulated sales because of citizens can’t afford show that the economy is good or bad?
The regulated sales will last for two months, in short, until the election. More ethical instead of saying, “we do it for votes.” What after the election?
The spirit of one-party period has really raised again badly.   


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