Necmettin Çalışkan: "Trustees and the backroom boys "

Necmettin Çalışkan: "Trustees and the backroom boys "
Date: 23.8.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Dr. Necmettin Çalışkan writes on Turkey's agenda. Here is the full article.

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We're having really interesting days. The mayors of the three metropolitan cities (Diyarbakır, Van and Mardin), where Kurdish citizens live intensively, have been dismissed and replaced by “trustees”.
It's really hard to understand. Let's ask directly without mumbling; I wonder if the AKP did this process of its own will? Or was it done despite the AKP?
Democracy, which began in 2002, can clearly be seen as the beginning of a collapse and an attempt to bend the position of human rights discourses in 2019.
Apparently the most profitable of the process since the July 15 treacherous coup attempt Devlet Bahceli-Doğu Perinçek consortium and the subcontractor of the process, the trio of Süleyman Soylu again. Anyway, such operations are carried out with the support of this consortium. This group should be behind these dismissals, their applause is not wasted. Of course, it is obvious that such a thing will not happen without the approval of the President.
It is more important than whether the transaction is supported or reacted before the public. These dismissals are reacted by the majority of society. Even AKP supporters have difficulty defending the event by saying kem-set.
It is interesting that this happened four months after the election, in other words, just after the June 23 defeat in Istanbul. After the election defeat, the government was only able to lift its head, which immediately went into counter-operation.
I wonder If we were going to experience these processes again, if the AKP candidate was elected with the PKK head's brother Osman Öcalan's call in participation on state-run TRT for the elections in Istanbul?
After that, no one believes that political will is fighting terrorism. We are afraid that after a while, this situation will return to the story of the shepherd-wolf. When the shepherd lied to the villagers three times by saying that the wolf snatched my lambs, the fourth time, when the wolf snatched the lambs, he went and said that no one believed how he came to support today. No one will believe in the word 'We are fighting terrorism and its actions'.
Another important issue regarding these dismissals is; anyone who opposes dismissal on the grounds of law is easily declared a ain traitor.
In our opinion, it is important that former President Abdullah Gül and former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, together with the other opposition, oppose these dismissals.
If those dismissed do not qualify, why were they allowed to be candidates?
If there has been a new incident since the election, concrete documents should be shared with the public.
In particular, the pleasure of the "before the election we said we will dismiss" he does not relieve the conscience of attempting to defend, on the contrary is the salt-pepper. Is the election a fiction set for winning only one party? If I can't win, I want to be dismissed from law listening?
If they have committed crimes during their duties, the competent authorities are the courts. Yes, these decisions are not a legal decision, as explicitly confessed by the practitioners / executions, but a political decision of the government with administrative authority. They found something more original and tragic “a legal administrative decision!”. By introducing a new concept to the literature, we skip the era. They teach law, law!
It is understood that with these dismissal decisions, the AKP has ceased its hope from the Kurdish voters forever and has put a great distance between them. Because it seems that the Kurdish voter does not change his stance on HDP in any way whatsoever.
Evidently, the AKP has surrendered to the MHP not only on the basis of cadres and politics, but also as a stance towards the future. Or the AKP is set up to see the trap itself?
No one was satisfied with these decisions. Certainly the legal procedure should be operated. Now, everywhere, "Istanbul and Ankara will be appointed trustees?" Chaos-fed structures want to step in?
I hope they can't succeed, I hope someone says wake up and give them an opportunity to return from their mistakes. It is clear that these practices do not have any kind of benefit politically, consciously or legally and will not solve any problems.
Crises caused by some savings in the country in terms of the loss of law and the deadlock of freedom will put our country in serious trouble especially in the outside world.
The losers are not only Kurds or their preferences; is the entire crew of the ship.


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