Necmettin Çalışkan: "Virus and economical package"

Necmettin Çalışkan: "Virus and economical package"
Date: 27.3.2020 16:30

Milli Gazete columnist Dr. Necmettin Çalışkan writes on coronavirus. Here is the full article.

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It is certain that after these days we are in, we will be alone with economic destruction rather than health. Various grievances are experienced in different sections. Especially the situation of the lower income group and the wage sector is even worse.
Unfortunately, the package for the economic crisis did not generate excitement. There was no aid for electricity, water, telephone, natural gas bills, basic food items, and price increases occurred in almost all sectors.
The section mainly affected by the crisis; Workers in closed workshops, small tradesmen, day-to-day marketers, construction workers, shopkeepers in shopping malls, waiters in restaurants, hotel cleaners and many employees in the service sector. We are not even talking about the army of the unemployed.
The short-time working allowance also helps those who work and take a break from the insured job. If the employer quits his employee, he becomes a cruel boss. How will he spin the wheel if he does not? Things are at a standstill in the market.
Within the scope of measures; Those who are at risk of health and the elderly are not allowed to work. What will be the situation in the private sector, whatever in the public? The man is already more expensive because of his illness, he is in trouble, and the patient's home is called git yacht.
Although it is said that two million people will be helped, this news does not trust the public. Because transparency, honesty, impartiality and reliability are unfortunately the biggest problem of today's administrators.
The lowest pension in the announced package was said to be 1500 pounds. This is a complete disaster. It recalls the story of the biblical sergeant "his apology is greater than his misdemeanor." The pensioner who still receives 1150-1200 lira will receive 1500! Even with abdominal toughness of 1500 pounds, you cannot get along. Especially the drama of retirees is more than anyone.
The sector where another suffering is experienced is “education”. Education was interrupted and schools were not helped. Student service stopped. There is no explanation for private schools. Somehow it is said to be compensated.
Paid teachers became victims because they could not attend classes. The government, which says don't be patient, be patient, says that it cannot give money to its own employee. There is an understanding that everything is under the responsibility of the public. Social state understanding should be seriously reviewed.
The announced package seems to be again useful for holdings. Plenty of credit was allocated and debts were delayed for a while. In the face of public pressure, loan packages were announced to the tradesmen as if they were granted grace.
In the announced package; VAT has been reduced from 18 percent to 1 percent on airline tickets. Accommodation tax at the hotel has been removed. The discount on the plane is a wonderful one, it is said not to travel but it is encouraged to travel. It is said to leave the house and tax is removed from the hotels. Also, convenience in housing loans.
Apparently the power foci and lobbies broke away. The lower income group was sentenced to crush again. It is necessary to urgently review the package and take into account the oppressed masses. Otherwise, a great social disaster awaits our country at the end of this crisis, and measures should be taken urgently. In this way, is it possible to fight the virus? Interesting.
The streets are empty at the moment, but the houses are full of trouble and worry, and livelihood is the biggest problem. It must be known that the person who has lost his job will not be called "stay hungry but enough stay at home". At this point, a new package of measures should be announced very urgently, and the wound of our tradesmen closing the shutters and the unemployed people should be oiled.


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