Necmettin Erbakan: "Milli Gazete has a great importance"

Necmettin Erbakan: "Milli Gazete has a great importance"
Date: 12.1.2020 12:00

"We need enormous media power in order to do our strong actions on the state. This is possible with the Milli Gazete," Erbakan said.

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"Media is very important today. Therefore, the Milli Gazete constitutes a very important media power for us," National Vision leader Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan was said.
"In a country, if the issues against the country are supported by the media as we see today, then the persecution continues in that country. In order to get rid of these atrocities, it is necessary to present a more powerful media than that position. Therefore, Milli Gazete of today has great importance for this," he has explained the importance of the daily. 


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