Nedim Odabaş: "Consumption greed"

Nedim Odabaş: "Consumption greed"
Date: 14.2.2019 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Nedim Odabaş writes on Consumption greed. Here is the full article.

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Wild capitalism and world globalism have only one purpose; consume, consume, wildly consume. To make those get more who do not satisfied with. To add clothes, items in his/her wardrobe that maybe he/she will never use. To get more and more of the jewelry they carry on them. For this wild capitalism has invented some days to fuel the frenzy of consumption and shopping spree on some days of the year. Such as Valentine’s day, Mother’s, Father’s day. For days, news about the Valentine’s day and the advertisements of companies has been taking place in the media. These news and advertisements which are trying to destroy human feelings, emotions, spirituality, are directed to a wild consumption are being tried to be pumped into the markets by the global imperial mentality.
Especially, the jewerely and jewelry industry companies have occupied the television screens about Valentine’s day. They are trying to give discounts on Valentine’s day to tickle people’s consumption  occupation in a way to tickle their consumers. The consumption greed that is tried to be fooling the consumer's as that much installment in credit card, this much installment in credit card steal from the future of our people actually. They turn everyone into this consumption greed even those who do not have the money in their pocket to shop so people spend a lot of Money in the markets for Valentine’s day.
But, we have our own civilization and values.  These values of civilization adorned with the culture of Ahi-order would bring the altruism that they could say “I made my first sale but my neighbor couldn’t do so buy the half of what you want from him”.
Our civilization was the civilization of those who believed the motto of hadith that “The one that can sleep while his neighbor is hungry, isn’t from us” and of those who asked for the situation of his next door.
But today, we have fallen into the pit of consumption that Westerns imposed on us. What happened to us?
The fundamental logic of capitalism is to fuel the consumption greed of people. To present a selfish, egoist, hedonist life style by making people tend to world, forgetting the servitude of the real world, forgetting the life after death,disgracing the death, removing the death definitely from the agenda of people. The basic feet of this life style are based on pleasure and speed. The mentality of kicking one’s heel up. A mentality that will completely satisfy your sensuality. By completely violating the halal-haram limits of people with the consumption in this sense what we call as consumption craziness that will push the limits of satisfaction in lust to bring to different points, to make it insatiable, to make it ask for more, it will drive more in direction of winning and consuming more.
When the halal-haram sense of man disappear, the purpose of staying in the world is also disappearing.  Every step that is taken takes one, one step further away from God.
The lord of the worlds is assumed to non-exist for him. Today, the fundamental armor of building a cultural Islamism climate by completely cutting the network between Muslims and Islam is the capitalism actually. 
That climate should be perceived as one of fundamental reasons of Muslims to have an identity by basing on the cultural values that are imposed by West.
The more consumption, wildly consumption ambition actually makes us away from our values. Away from our identity. We sacrifice everything that makes us with our own hands to the values of the West.


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