Nedim Odabaş: "Culture occupation"

Nedim Odabaş: "Culture occupation"
Date: 10.1.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Nedim Odabaş writes about Culture. Here is the full article.

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In the contemporary world, countries no longer invade each other by tanks, rifles and armies. The best way for countries to penetrate on each other, to provide efficiency… Cultural occupation... Culture occupation, is made with language... Culture occupation, is done with religion... Culture occupation is being done with cinema... Culture occupation is done with series, “It is made from the screens of TVs and the social media...
The biggest debate of Turkish cinema in recent days is the discussion of Egyptian-beverage-producer share as among cinema distributors and producers. In order to attract more viewers to movie theaters, the filmmakers complain that the promoters have implemented promotions, movie tickets have increased their prices, but the filmmakers are unable to make any profit. Especially in cinemas, Turkish cinema producers are suffering from this job. It is even stated that some of the Turkish films planned to be released in the coming days will be affected and the films will not be screened.
We are a weird audience. The money fight between the cinema producers and the movie distributors is the most important when we go to the cinema, when we buy corn or drinks. What we want to draw attention to in this fight is: Why can't Turkish cinema break its own shell? Why can't we watch movies all over the world, like a Hollywood movie theater? Is our sense of humor and our cinema level limited to Recep İvedik (A Turkish movie character)?
Hollywood, with the films it produces, 365 days of our year in our movie theaters, American lifestyle, immorality, prostitution, egoist, hedonist, selfish human prototype and everything related to the missionary structure of Christianity is about us. And what do we produce against them?
Where are the series we are producing? We have heard that the series we marketed are watched especially in the Middle East countries, and that the Arabs are fascinated by our jets, and news articles are written and drawn about in this regard. But are these sequences produced in order to prioritize morality, to ensure fairness, to respect the law of the right, to preserve the prudence, not the lust?
Will the sequences we produce be limited to the Magnificent Solomon? Only Suleiman, trapped between Harem and Hurrem, could be a prototype of Turkish TV series? The CEO of Mars Group, the biggest of the movie distributors, said, "If Cem Yılmaz (Turkish actor, movie maker) doesn't make a movie, the new Cem Yılmaz will come up."
Cem Yılmaz is quite angry about this statement. We also ask: Cem Yılmaz, what has produced in the name of Turkish cinema? Using the opportunities of newspapers and televisions to bring together millions of viewers from each other, the fact that Cem Yılmaz could bring a new flow to Turkish cinema, a new language can be created, a new sound may be pale?
Unfortunately, Turkish cinema is not even a Bollywood that cannot come out of its own shell, cannot create its own language, we laugh and laugh.
Unfortunately, Turkish cinema is a structure that has returned to a very barren structure in this state and is under the invasion of Recep İvedik, which has attracted millions of spectators to the box office by using the vein it finds. Art and the artist must exhibit a structure that walks in front of society, is a light to society, grows society, and develops a culture perception.
Will Turkish cinema and series world be able to get rid of the buzzing? Time will show that.


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