Nedim Odabaş: "Economy tumbling down the cliff"

Nedim Odabaş: "Economy tumbling down the cliff"
Date: 21.5.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Nedim Odabaş writes on economy. Here is the full article.

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It is our sincere desire to be able to get rid of the effects of coronavirus trouble, return to normal life and do our routines. For this reason, we raise our hands to pray in order for the number of cases and deaths to approach zero in the daily corona numbers, which we look forward to every day from the television screens. Because we are very bored in our homes. Our children, citizens over 65, are literally overwhelmed by this mandatory restriction.
As of May 11, it was decided to open shopping malls, barbers and hairdressers were opened. We hope that this decision does not reveal an upward chart for increasing daily cases. As of the weekends, it was stated that the curfew would continue until the feast. This restriction will be applied during the Ramadan feast from the day of Araf (Saturday) to the end of the holiday. On the other hand, we will not be able to visit our elders, we will have to celebrate the holidays of our acquaintances, relatives and relatives with the “alo” sounds of our phones. It was called a folk song, "Eid has come to my feast, my mother, my mother is strange"…. We will enter the holiday strangely, we will celebrate the holiday strangely, especially in the holidays, our elders who are looking forward to embrace their loved ones, to eliminate longing will remain alone with their longing.
Businesses such as cafes, coffee shops, gymnasiums, restaurants, restaurants that fall into economic difficulties due to coronavirus and who try to turn their businesses with their daily earnings are wondering when they will return to their normalization calendars. Because the resources transferred to some sectors under the name of short working allowance after bringing water from a thousand streams could not be any kind of ointment. The sad climate of our victim citizens, who are on leave for free leave and are given a comedic figure of 170 thousand liras, is getting deeper and deeper.
Family and Social Service Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk said, “3. Phase 6 of our citizens have applied for help.” It reveals the x-ray of our social neediness and victimization. Even the application of these three penny aids makes such a high admission confesses the pain point we have come up with.
Another point that we would like to underline is where the 240 billion lira resource announced by the government was spent to economically repel this scourge? Under which conditions to whom is it transferred to credit? On the one hand, while the package is announced by the state, on the other hand, the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges push their appropriate SMEs into the arms of a private bank. If the state has the means, it has special resources, then what is this "Breath" loan of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges?
After each Monday cabinet meeting strong Turkey's economy that, everything's hunky-telling by looking into our eyes it went okay dory President Tayyip Erdogan's this weirdness lending businesses, 240 billion pounds of resources that where transferred need us any bother to explain.
The corona scourge has completely rounded our economic picture, which is already at bottom levels. The government, which has not been producing for 18 years, selling efficient and strategic institutions, and not opening new factories, has put an economic disaster and balance sheet in front of us, throwing unemployment to 14 percent and youth unemployment to 25 percent.
It is not possible to open the blades of our supreme statesmen about how to close the hole in the 2020 budget, which has already opened 45 billion lira. The chances are that the rentier section, which does nothing but inflate their pockets by selling money to the state, now expects this hole to grow further and the treasury to fall into their arms. Is not it?


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