Nedim Odabaş: "Islamic economy and D-8"

Nedim Odabaş: "Islamic economy and D-8"
Date: 9.7.2020 16:30

Milli Gazete columnist Nedim Odabaş writes on Islamic economy and D-8. Here is the full article.

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President Tayyip Erdoğan, who attended the International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance (IIEFC) with a teleconference in the past days, stated that the system that takes people to the center, glorifies labor and does not allow unfair earnings is the Islamic economy and finance model, Islamic economics is the key to getting out of the crisis with its refusal structure ”.
It is really painful that those who have been in power for nearly 18 years and who have been in the administration of the country alone have tightly embraced the liberal and neoliberal economic policies that have crushed man and labor, exploited, away from fair sharing, and have been built to make the rich richer, and finally came to such a point.
More interestingly, Erdogan, who made this speech, said exactly as many years ago: “Money has no religion, nation or race. Know this as such, but unfortunately there are those who think that money is religion, nation, race. The money is like mercury, wherever it finds the ground that suits it… it runs away…” Of course, this headscarf is immediately to our mind, the National Vision Leader Dr. Necmettin Erbakan brought the ideal of the D-8 that our teacher had established as soon as he came to work.
This ideal not only revealed a vision that would reveal the unity and vitality of Islamic countries, but also the development of trade volumes and the increase of production forces among the Muslim countries that were members of the union. Our teacher first suggested that Islamic countries come together and establish an Islamic Common Market. Our teacher, who provided the formation of D-8s during the period of Welfare-Road rule, printed a symbolic Islamic Dinar for the Islamic Countries Common Market, which he proposed years ago, and said to the leaders of the member states, "This dinar is even more effective than the atomic bomb." Our teacher said that with the Islamic Dinar project, Muslim countries will first come together economically and form a common market and then gradually lay the foundations of a new world. The first condition for this was the Islamic Dinar, and the five stages of a new world set out by Erbakan, which transfers to all sections by suppressing:
* Muslim Countries Common Market Organization and Union (instead of EU), * Muslim Countries Common Currency (instead of Dollars / Euros), * Muslim Countries United Nations Organization (instead of UN), * Muslim Countries Defense Cooperation Organization (instead of NATO), * Muslim Countries Cultural Cooperation Organization (instead of UNESCO).
Forgiveness, prudence and acumen... Even if the name (capitalism, liberalism or communism) that connects the economies of all countries in the world in some way to them, all the systems do not have a dimension other than exploiting people's labor and sweat.
The economic system that exploits all the countries in the world is actually under the control of Zionism. Zionism is like a crocodile. His upper jaw is America. The lower jaw is the European Union. Its tail is Israel. Its body is the rulers, mediators, businessmen and collaborators of a number of Muslim countries. The magic wand that this wild system controls all world economies is "Dollar and Euro". In order for the unity, vitality, forces of production, the underground and aboveground resources of the Islamic countries to be used by them, first of all, it is necessary to grasp and understand the vision of D-8 that our teacher put forward. In order to fight off the global exploitation gangs from Islamic countries and to realize “Islamic economics”, we must first carry out our trade with our currency. We must be able to construct an ideal that will eliminate the unfair order of exploitation established by Zionism, consuming all our resources, absorbing our labor and blood.


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