Nedim Odabaş: "Producing terror"

Nedim Odabaş: "Producing terror"
Date: 19.9.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Nedim Odabaş writes on producing terror. Here is the full article.

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Wherever there is a painful geography on Earth, chaos, trouble, terrorism, you know that there, the puppet of Zionism America, which has it finger for a division of interests. America, without invading a country, firstly produces confusion, chaos and crisis in that country. Then this crisis is deepened and a political perspective is put forward in which the puppet managers of that country are appointed as saviors. Behind this desk-made design -we bring democracy- behind the lie of an obvious period of occupation. Last week, it was the anniversary of the September 11 attacks in America, which was isolated from the world and craved for the desire of everyone to live because of the prosperity it provided to its people. Untouchable, inaccessible, the perception of terrorism can not be stigmatized America, the twin towers, the Pentagon attacks, the glass vase in which he lived face-to-face with the reality of the clutter had come. Terrorism, which was the subject of the scripts of Hollywood films, revealed the fact that America was a paper tiger. Because the terrorism produced at some point in the world found America like a boomerang.
The September 11 terrorist attacks triggered the process that would lead the world's gendarmerie and the Zionist puppet to operate on America, especially in Islamic geography. On the one hand, this process, in which the Zionist puppet media created the perception that lama All Muslims are terrorists acak in a way that would make Islamophobia all over the world, soon became a de facto American occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq.
This de facto occupation, taking refuge behind the lie of 'Saddam producing chemical weapons', brought a period of tears, pain and rape to the sovereign in the lands next to us. In fact, what America wanted to do was to create a security umbrella for Zionism, the puppet of which it was, and Israel for the Middle East. This umbrella also revealed the necessity to serve Zionism's endless supply of Appeal to the appetites of the Great Israel Project.
After Al-Qaeda, who took the September 11 attacks and Osama Bin Laden, who was killed for years as a traitor, ISIS (DAESH) emerged in Iraqi territory. No one can deny the fact that the emergence of ISIS, its nourishment, its courage and its transformation into a terrorist organization boiling the Middle East like a cauldron. It is the US itself that has sent the ISIS scourge to the Middle East.
Today, “Our friend, our ally” saying that we wandered in the queue, we could not punch our fist on the table, only the abundance of the pouch in the US, the PKK extensions in Syria, the PKK extensions of the PYD and YPG, almost every week, which is full of weapons and ammunition. Are you pulling on the grounds? Why can't we speak out of this treacherous attitude of America, where we've been holding a safe zone slope for days? I draw your attention, 'Why can't we make our voice, why can't we raise our voice?' I write specifically. Because here, it is very easy to throw speeches that smell of hamaset, to make the most of the pouch, to tickle the appetites of our people by setting the American setting from the rostrum. Do you have the power to make the moves that will make America, which produces terror in every region of the world, and the obvious support of the PKK, difficult? For instance, can you close the Incirlik, which is still unclear to America, who is not willing to solve the F-35 crisis? Erbakan Hodja was pointing on "Strong personality in foreign policy". Which adjectives we can use to get stuck going to the tail of Turkey America today?


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