Negotiations continue for public servants

Negotiations continue for public servants
Date: 6.8.2023 17:00

Within the scope of the 7th Term Collective Agreement, in which the economic, personal and social rights of public servants are discussed, separate negotiations of the service branches continue.

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The 7th Term Collective Agreement negotiations, which concern public employees and retirees, continue.
The commission meetings, in which the demands of the service branches affiliated to Memur-Sen are discussed and classified, continue at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
In the work of the commission, the proposals of 9 service branches have been classified so far.


Vedat Işıkhan, Minister of Labor and Social Security, stated that as the Ministry, they attach great importance to the submitted requests and that the collective bargaining desk is an opportunity for a solution.
He said that they aim to complete the collective agreement peacefully.
"Memur-Sen" Chairman Ali Yalçın said that the service branches affiliated to Memur-Sen came to the commission meetings with reasonable offers.
He pointed out that the living problem of public officials has increased and the importance of the ground of reconciliation for the solution of this problem, both in the meetings of the commission and in the general meetings.


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