New opposition in People's Alliance

New opposition in Peoples Alliance
Date: 1.8.2023 10:00

After the Presidential and Parliamentary General Elections, the steps taken by the AKP government in economic and social policies began to be criticized by the parties within the People's Alliance.

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After the election, fault lines such as tax hikes, non-increase in pensions and Law No. 6284 occur one after the other.
It caused the formation of the ruling and opposition bloc within the People's Alliance.
While wondering how this situation will manifest itself in the local elections, it is known that some parties left the alliance.
The government, which brought together 5 parties in alliance before the general elections, separated from its partners due to the steps it took after the election.
The fact that Mehmet Şimşek, who was appointed as the head of the economy administration, increased interest and taxes, the pensioners were not raised, and the steps regarding the Law No. 6284 were not taken, created a debate within the alliance.
While the economic policies implemented by Mehmet Şimşek, the Minister of Treasury and Finance, who was appointed as the head of the economy administration after the election, increased the burden of the citizens, they caused reactions within the People's Alliance.
The retrospective collection of Motor Vehicles Tax (MTV) twice, the increase of Value Added Tax (VAT) rate to 20 percent, and the exorbitant increase in Special Consumption Tax (SCT) in fuel prices continue to receive reactions from citizens.
It caused the parties in the alliance to have problems with the government.
At this point, the leaders, who wanted to soften the reaction of the citizens, began to criticize the AK Party's practices with harsh words.
On the other hand, the biggest divergence between the AK Party and its alliance partners was experienced in pension increases.
The fact that the inflation difference, which is declared as 25 percent, does not reflect on more than 9 million retirees, is expressed by MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli in the parliamentary rostrum.
BBP, YRP and HUDA-PAR also reacted by making statements on the subject.


The eyes on the Law No. 6284, which was the subject of discussions in the alliance negotiations before the general elections, will be in the new legislative period.
While it is stated that some parties in the alliance may bring the issue to the agenda of the Parliament, it is said that some people within the AK Party may react harshly to the issue.
AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Özlem Zengin, who defended the Law No. 6284 before the election, caused comments that he gave a message to the parties within the alliance, after he was appointed as the deputy chairman of the group by President Erdoğan once again.


President Erdogan, who lost votes in big cities, especially in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, in the presidential elections, wants the People's Alliance to continue on its path in local elections, with the 7% decline in his party.
The government, which was relieved with the removal of the Law No. 6284 from the agenda with the recess of the Parliament, is trying to soften the reactions from the parties in the alliance with the absence of pension increases and the deepening of the economic crisis.
President Erdoğan is trying to give the appearance of unity by inviting the leaders who are in alliance to bilateral meetings and official programs.
Despite this situation, the statements of some parties that they were not in an alliance created controversy, and it led to comments that the alliance would not continue with all its parties before the local elections.


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