No comfort for the citizens until 2026!

No comfort for the citizens until 2026!
Date: 14.8.2023 10:00

While the economic problems are growing, the economic management's explanation after explanation reveals how long the process will take.

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Mehmet Şimşek, the Minister of Treasury and Finance, who was appointed after the general elections, and his team continue to seek a solution to the economic crisis.
Şimşek management, which started to take steps in this regard, started by sharing real figures.
Speaking in addition to this statement, Şimşek's statement that relief will begin as of 2026 is not considered realistic, but it is considered as a local election move.
It is stated that the real normalization in the economy may continue until 2026.
While the debt burden of the treasury increased with the expenditures made in order to win the elections, the budget allocated for build-operate-transfer projects, the increase in interest expenses, and the foreign exchange-protected TL Time Deposits and similar practices, Turkey entered the spiral of economic crisis.
Mehmet Şimşek, who stated the bad picture in the economy in the interviews held behind closed doors, tries to increase the reliability of the institutions.
In this context, Central Bank Governor Hafize Gaye Erkan announced that they had increased the inflation rate from 22 percent to 58 percent at the end of the year, while sharing the inflation report with the public.


Speaking behind closed doors that the economic picture is bad, Şimşek announced that inflation will fall permanently as of the second half of 2024.
Although many ministers, who were in the seat of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance in the past years, made predictions that inflation would decrease and the economic crisis would normalize, these targets could not be met.
While comments are made that Şimşek's statement does not match the economic realities, it is stated that the statement is related to the local elections.
Şimşek, who aims to make citizens vote for the AKP with the price hikes to be made before the election, is expected to make similar statements in the coming days, while President Erdoğan is expected to make it an election promise.
On the other hand, economists state that the statement will not be compatible with market conditions and that the bitter recipe will continue to increase after the election, while comments are made that the real normalization process in the economy may continue until 2026.


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