No one can liberate Hagia Sophia other than National Opinionists

No one can liberate Hagia Sophia other than National Opinionists
Date: 17.6.2019 12:00

The celebrations of Istanbul's conquest once again showed that, even after 566 years, the generation of conquest is standing upright ...

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The 566th year of the conquest of Istanbul, which was proclaimed by the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), was celebrated with the Anatolian Youth Association and the 'Conquest Feast' organized by the MGV. 
The 566th anniversary of Istanbul's conquest was celebrated with enthusiasm this year at the Istanbul Esenler Stadium, organized by the Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) and MGV. 
The young people from AGD who have always shouted that they are Generation of the Conquerors  showed their loyalty to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Khan and his legacy this year. 
For weeks the organization of feast for citizens from all over Turkey prepared with great labor of members of Esenler filled the stadium. In the festival which started enthusiastically as if it was the first day of the conquest of Istanbul with the reading of the National Vision anthems and melodies, the excitement increased with the sports shows prepared by the youth of AGD. 
"I want excitement," said the late National Opinion leader. Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan. In the exciting atmosphere that Necmettin Erbakan wanted, the 566. Conquest Feast of Istanbul was celebrated.
Thousands of conquest lovers from every corner of Turkey celebrates the conquest of Istanbul by the influx, listened to the meaning of the conquest of the National Opinion Movement plane. 
Speaking in the program, Felicity (Saadet) Party High Advisory Board Chairman Oguzhan Asilturk, the conquest of Istanbul is one of the most brilliant pages of our history, he said. 
Asiltürk, "the conquest of Mecca is also the most important event. That is why I hope that this beautiful program will be a means for good. The ladies filled most of the stadium. These sisters have another advantage in housework, as they do other responsibilities. These advantages are that they run in jihad. These brothers and sisters will raise new conquerors."
ASİLTÜRK: "We have to work hard for a new conquest that will bring our people right, justice and peace."
Addressing the youth of National Opinionists, Asiltürk said, "Now, new conquests must be made for the realization of fair order. This year we celebrate with more enthusiasm. We are obliged to work hard for a new conquest that will bring our people right, justice and peace. You have such an important and big goal. We believe that justice is the foundation of property. So we will try to do justice. We should continue on our way regardless of what is said."
Here is the army, here is the commander
AGD and MGV organized for many years by the Conquest Festival, as well as this year, AGD students, Istanbul's Conquest ceremony held. 
At the end of the conquest, which was exhibited with the participation of hundreds of National Opinionists, the sword used by Fatih Sultan Mehmet Khan during the conquest of Istanbul was handed over to Oğuzhan Asiltürk. 
It was revealed that the National Opinionists were a generation ready for new conquests in the 566. Conquest Festival which ended with the slogan 'Here is the army, here is the commander…'


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