No punishment to the zionist murdered Dawabsha family

No punishment to the zionist murdered Dawabsha family
Date: 15.5.2019 15:00

The zionist who burned down the houses of the four-membered Dawabsha family living in the south of Nablus, West Bank in Palestine, and murdered parents and a baby, was acquitted of the murder charge.

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The Lud Central Court of the zionist terrorist gang acquitted the murderer zionist monster over charges of "deliberate killing" of Palestinian Dawabsha family, parents and an infant.
Parents Saad and Riham Dawabsha along with 18-month-old baby Ali were martyred during the firebomb arson attack of the zionist monsters in the occupied West Bank village of Duma.
The other child of the family Ahmed, four at the time, was the sole survivor from the immediate family and escaped with severe burns.
The so-called court ruled that the savage zionist monster did not deliberately commit murder, and accused him of conspiring only to commit the crime.
A person accused of such a crime is sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison.
The last zionist, who was acquitted of deliberately committing murder and accused of conspiring only to commit a crime, was the last of the zionist terrorists who were arrested on charges of an arson attack against the Palestinian Dawabsha family, while all other zionists terrorists were released by the court before.


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