Non-Governmental Organizations Platform organizes a rally in Istanbul for Gaza, Palestine

Non-Governmental Organizations Platform organizes a rally in Istanbul for Gaza, Palestine
Date: 23.10.2023 17:00

A rally and vehicle convoy was organized in Başakşehir to support the Palestinians. In the program organized by Başakşehir Non-Governmental Organizations Platform, attention was drawn to the attacks of Israel.

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Başakşehir Non-Governmental Organizations Platform organized a rally and vehicle convoy to stop the attacks of the occupying Israel and to show support for the Palestinians.
Thousands of people from a large part of Başakşehir got behind the wheel for Palestine and later met in the Başakşehir National Garden.
A press release was also made by the Başakşehir NGO Platform at the rally, where slogans against terrorist Israel were shouted.
In the press release made by the platform, it was pointed out that Israel is an occupier.
"We condemn and condemn with hatred the genocide committed by terrorist Israel against the oppressed Palestinian people and the massacres it has initiated against defenseless people, including children, women, the sick and the elderly. We both condemn the USA and UK's stance on siding with the oppressor and bring it to the attention of the people of the world. We call on all people of conscience to react and impose sanctions against Israel and the USA and England that support it. Israel doesn't just massacre Palestinians; It kills human dignity," the platform said in the press release.
The press release continued as follows:
"While the USA stated that it was on Israel's side with all kinds of weapons and ammunition, EU countries also made statements of support for Israel. This attitude is an attitude expected from the USA. In this situation, Muslims have a big responsibility. Muslims should also stand by Palestine, with the awareness of the phrase 'Infidels are one nation'. The fragmentation and silence of Muslim countries encourages the cruel Zionist Israel and causes its oppression to increase. We must send all foreign powers, especially the USA, UK and EU countries, back from the Islamic geography to where they came from as soon as possible. Countries like Egypt, which borders Gaza and other Palestinian territories, should also open their doors. We should boycott the products of the USA and Israel supporters."


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