Nuts entrusted to the monopoly of foreign capital

Nuts entrusted to the monopoly of foreign capital
Date: 24.9.2018 16:00

Hazelnut, which is the first in the world production, puts the producer in a difficult position because of not being appreciated in our country.

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The hazelnut market has been entrusted with foreign monopolies. The Turkish Grain Board (TMO) has not been able to explain the price of hazelnuts, but it is once again a year that the farmer once again sells it to the market by selling 30 percent of its hazelnuts to the market. In Turkey, hazelnuts are entrusted to the monopoly of foreign capital, making purchases over the nuts in the free market price announced by the Italian company Ferrero officially it does not see the value.
Hazelnut producer, this year because of the high cost of medicine with powdery mildew disease can not struggle because the value of a hazelnut under the cost of the manufacturer makes the land. This year, the hazelnut trees are better than the recurrent powdery mildew caused a decrease in the yield is said to cause.
Expressing that the hazelnut market is entrusted with foreign monopolies, Giresun Chamber of Agriculture President Nurettin Karan called for the re-engagement of Fiskobirlik. Karan said, before each season, our state was starting the season by explaining its hazelnut harvest. Although this year the yield was less than what the yield was announced, the TMO announced the price of nuts. Producer product waits for money to wait while the hazelnut has landed in the market, but the authorities have not announced the price of nuts. It is in the hands of a few monopolistic firms, such as the market exploitation system. If the firm considers the manufacturer worthy of the manufacturer sells nuts at that price. The producer has now reduced 30 percent of its hazelnuts to the market. After this time, TMO does not mean anything. Our hazelnut policy should be changed. People are being condemned to this firm as if they were given a special privilege.
Stating that the producer does not accept the price of hazelnuts, Karan stressed that the producer did not fight due to the cost of the disease and the producer. We have become a society that is not producing, but consuming, Hazelnut. Producer can not get the money for the producer begins to give up his soil. Our losing country and our producers are the monopolists who have the winning market. In order to combat the diseases, the economic situation of the producer must be good and they cannot fight against the manufacturer's diseases. If the disease is not tackled, the gardens are facing extinction.


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