Objection to the vaccination imposition from Ankara

Objection to the vaccination imposition from Ankara
Date: 27.9.2021 14:00

In response to the mandatory social vaccination against the coronavirus, a rally was held in Ankara, followed by Istanbul, with the slogan "Great Awakening Capital".

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Addressing the assembled crowd, the authors, doctors, and researchers stressed that vaccination should not be mandatory.
While making vaccination and PCR testing compulsory for citizens in daily life, many citizens are reacting to this situation.
Thousands of people who met in Istanbul before against the global impositions built on the vaccine in question, this time came together in Ankara and objected to the global imposition.
In line with the permission of the Ankara Governor's Office, the crowd gathered in Anıtpark with the slogan of "Great Awakening Capital", chanting slogans and unfurling banners against mandatory vaccination after the speeches.


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