Obstacle on domestic production!

Obstacle on domestic production!
Date: 3.10.2018 16:00

The Chinese core, which has undermined domestic markets, has brought domestic production to a halt ...

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Recently, the production of sunflower seeds has come to a halt due to the effects of the developments in financial markets on the nuts sector and increasing prices. In our country, 20 thousand 600 tons of sunflower seeds were imported from China last year, while in January-July 2018, this figure reached 58 thousand 178 tons. Due to the lower tax applied to the economic crisis because of falling import products manufacturer difficult situation experienced in Turkey sunflower seed producers are experiencing difficult times.
Imports of sunflower seeds which are one of the most consumed nuts, threatened sunflower seed production in our country due to the shift in domestic market to imported product. Last year, sold at 5.2 pounds per month of sunflower seeds, 4 pounds this year, even buyers can not find. Due to the low prices and the increase of imported products in the market, the areas where sunflower cultivation is made are gradually decreasing. Industry representatives say that despite the sufficient sunflower production, the increase in imports stemmed from the supply of cheap sunflower seeds from international markets, especially Chinese origin.
While the negative effects of the decrease in domestic seed production and the high import rates on the domestic producer are increasing day by day, Chinese cookies continue to invade the markets. The need for domestic and national production is outpaced by the experts that the prescription of the economic crisis passes through domestic production. Experts call for domestic consumption and consumption of domestic cookies and sunflower seeds to stand by the producer.
Native sunflower seeds in Turkey in 2017 164 thousand 385 tons of confectionary sunflower seed production was made. However, the amount of sunflower seeds imported in January-July period exceeded 58 thousand 178 tons. The vast majority of the sunflower seeds produced in China brought domestic production to a halt. The producer has become unable to sell the core of the moon. In a period of increasing demand for domestic and national agriculture while the producer is contemplating the land, Chinese commodities are blowing a great blow to our country's agriculture.


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