Operation Peace Spring, Cyprus and Trump

Operation Peace Spring, Cyprus and Trump
Date: 18.10.2019 09:06

We live historical days. Our country is carrying out a great struggle against terrorism inside and outside.

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We're in the middle of a big fire, even if it's not named. Our soldier at once, in an operation, hearts in the boots. In such a period, any explanations and evaluations other than support, which will harm the union, even if in good faith, are not made and should not be done.

Of course, such days your friend, your enemy; traitors, patriots; intellectuals, madmen; they are days of comparison / selection of conscience and vengeance.The necessity of being a nation is to work together for the interests of the country and to think together about the future of the country. This should not prevent reasonable thinking.

To illustrate what we mean; Cyprus has been among the indispensables of this nation throughout history. However, the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Mustafa Akıncı, had unfortunate statements against the ongoing operation of Peace Spring.

Of course, this explanation is unacceptable, but this explanation was shipped out a huge public outrage in Turkey to evolve a "Cyprus hostility" we see that with sadness. This should never be allowed. I wonder, do the hidden hands plan Turkey to be enemy with Cyprus?

Only recognized by Turkey as a country in the world, that homeland is our only piece of land outside our borders in terms of attitude or perspective that would lead to hostilities against Cyprus is not true. Especially Cyprus is our indispensable case. Moreover, an unfortunate declaration that attracts the reaction of the people should not cause us to dispose of Cyprus. Let's not harm our unity and solidarity.

Another issue to be questioned is the presence of the operation of the Peace Spring and other Muslim countries except Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Qatar. It is daunting that all of them take this attitude together. “How did all the brotherly countries know about us? Or have we not been able to convince one way or another?"

Another question mark is the abnormal attitudes of US President Trump, who is constantly zigzagging the storm with his messages on social media. Trump exerted while the threat of Turkey, "I'm watching Turkey closely, I ruined when they cross the lines" What does that statement mean? What line is this line? It was also how the vote in both Russia and the United States with the UN vetoed the decision against Turkey. What are the expectations of Russia and America from the operation? How to interpret Trump's constant change of mind? Does it still support the operation of the Peace Spring, or how much it is a mystery?

With the statements of AK Party Deputy Chairman, "Before every step, we give information to America" and with the statement of another party official, "We do everything in the interests of America" are very unfortunate statements. What is the purpose of informing the PKK's patron, the US, of the places we will shoot? Or by what logic?At least it is unthinkable to close the Incirlik Air Base until the end of the Peace Spring operation. Fortunately for the enemies, we should take what we know as friends and brothers immediately.Our prayers; Our soldiers come back home unharmed.

(Doç. Dr. Necmettin Çalışkan - Milli Gazete)


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