Our children entrusted to Serbs!

Our children entrusted to Serbs!
Date: 11.12.2019 15:00

A scandal 'Serbian' project from Turkey's National Education Ministry (MEB)... All the values to be sacrificed for the sake of the European Union has run out, this time is students' turn.

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According to the project of the European Union and Foreign Relations department of the Ministry of National Education, 14-15-year-old high school students are being taken to Serbia on the pretext of developing a foreign language. While teachers stay at the hotel, students are entrusted to Serbian families.
For the EU, which has given up everything for the sake of it, now high school students are taken to Serbia on the pretext of learning a language and are housed in the home of Serbian families. 


According to the project, 14-15-year-old students with good English lessons are taken to Serbia on the pretext of a week's sightseeing and language development. While teachers stay at the hotel, underage students are ‘entrusted Sırp to Serbian families. It is aimed to improve Serbian-Turkish relations with students who remain in Serbian families for a week.


In January, Burcu Eyisoy Dalkıran, General Director of the European Union and Foreign Relations of the Ministry of National Education, who went to Serbia and met with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Serbia, Aleksandar Pajic, said: "We're going to do some good work here. In particular, our aim is to continue these warm relations initiated by political leaders in our countries with our children and teachers and to spread them to the general public. I hope we will have good results for both sides."
"We are uncomfortable"
K.D., the parent of a student who expressed his reaction to our newspaper. "My 14-year-old daughter's English teacher called us. 'Your daughter is successful in class. The Ministry of National Education and the European Union take the students abroad for a successful trip'. When I asked which country it was, he said it was Serbia. One week in Serbia, the teachers told us that the children would stay in the Serbian family's home and that there would be integration with the Serbs. While we commemorate Aliya Izzetbegovic with mercy at all times, they want our children to establish good relations with Serbs. This is officially a scandal. As a parent, more importantly, a parent, I feel uncomfortable with this project. The person at the Ministry of National Education is already a troubled person. We still do not want to allow such people to poison our children."


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