Our national wealth goes to trash

Our national wealth goes to trash
Date: 23.8.2019 13:00

Every year in Turkey, about 1.7 billion bread and over 18 million tons fruit and vegetable are wasted and thrown to trash.

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Turkey Tradesmen and Artisans Confederation (TESK) Chairman Bendevi Palandöken, said he should be effective in the fight against food wastage, "Each year, approximately 1.7 billion breads, over 18 million tons fruits and vegetable wasted. Our wasted foods, our labor, our money, our energy, our national wealth go to the trash", he said.


Palandöken, in his written statement, pointed out the need to raise awareness about food waste. Emphasizing that many services such as schools, hospitals, bridges and roads can be made with the cost of wasted foods, Palandöken, "We must consume products that are fertile and cheap in summer and consume in winter. So we have to fill the jug when the water is flowing so that we do not get dehydrated when the water stops. In our country, approximately 1.7 billion breads and 18 million tons of fruit and vegetables are wasted every year. With the wasted food, our labor, our money, our energy and our national wealth go to waste. According to research, the annual cost of food waste is around 214 billion liras. In addition to waste in homes, food waste is reaching very high levels in public areas such as restaurants, cafes, restaurants, cafeterias of public institutions and hotels", he stated.
Palandöken, in the fight against food waste public spots and campaigns alone is not enough, everyone drew attention to the importance of doing the responsibility of the responsibility.


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