Ozkan: "Pompeo's first stop is Saudi Arabia and Israel"

Ozkan: "Pompeos first stop is Saudi Arabia and Israel"
Date: 1.5.2018 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on US' newly elected Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Here is the full article.

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Trump first went to Saudi Arabia, then to Israel, after starting his presidency. Foreign Minister Pompeo followed the same path. After receiving approval from the US Senate, he first went to Saudi Arabia as part of Middle East contacts and then moved to Israel as his second stop. Pompeo has been in serious accusations against Iran in Saudi Arabia and pointed out that heavy sanctions could be imposed if it did not abandon its nuclear weapons production initiative and that the Gulf states would be able to cancel the agreement on nuclear weapons signed during the Obama period, a should be directed to emphasized.
It is not right to assume that it was a coincidence that President Trump or the first visit of the new Foreign Minister Pompeo to the Middle East, beyond Saudi Arabia as the first stop, was followed by Israel. Particularly, the inclusion of Saudi Arabia and Israel in the same package shows that US plans for the region are in practice. As such, it would not be wrong to say that this plan is not for the good of our region, it is almost aimed at ensuring that the countries of the region are beside Israel.
There is an attitude which means that having nuclear weapons is forbidden to Iran, which can not be assessed in good faith. Although it has been known for years that Israel has nuclear weapons, the United States, which does not make any noise to it, needs to examine which countries have nuclear weapons and where they have the power to determine which are not. This is the answer to the question that the Islamic world received from the scattered. On the other hand, it is important to remember that the US and its partners are pursuing a Shiite-Sunni war in the region to exploit the wealthy of our region and secure Israel's security. The bitter side of it is that you are doing this job with Muslim countries. Just as the terrorist organizations they have created have turned the world of Islam into blood, and they are not satisfied with it; Iran is currently being selected as a target, and we want to fight the sectarian war in our region.
In fact, we take this fact in every opportunity. He emphasizes that the Islamic world has reached a peaceful and peaceful position, and reminds us that taking refuge in the United States means exploitation, blood and tears. It is known that the US has Iran as a state supporting the terrorist organizations while Israel is aware of the Crusader-Zionist alliance behind all of the terrorist organizations in our region, whereas Israel's ignorance of the genocide against the Palestinians should guide the determination of the friends and enemies of the Islamic world.
The political struggle which is getting harder due to the early elections in the domestic politics, it should not be missed from the perspective of our country and the outsourced games directed to the region. We can solve the problems of our own, but if we are not awake to the external threat, we are dealing with each other and we are oiled by the colonial powers, which is hard to compensate. He did not know and did not see that the Crusader-Zionist alliance behind the complexity of the Islamic world. Despite this, we have to get rid of the attitudes and actions that would mean some support from the US.


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